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Spring: it’s the season of renewal. When this time of year comes around flowers bloom, more animals come around, and the earth becomes full of life again. Spring in the fashion world is a transitional period. During this time you see dark colors and layers shed away making room for the newest seasonally appropriate pieces. This year, Spring trends are centered around classic colors and intriguing textures. Spring’s top three trends are below with tips and tricks on how to rock them!

    Sequins are a new hot trend combining the nostalgia of adolescence with a dash of disco. Sequins hit the runway early this year setting a playful tone to follow this upcoming Spring and Summer. Top designers like Gucci, Tom Ford, and Marc Jacobs have released top-notch editorial pieces that feature the trend head to toe. Sequins this season are equivalent glam, meaning it can be rocked extremely over the top or used as a statement piece. Take this trend to a backyard summer party with flats or sandals to light up the night. Or, take the trend to work on casual Fridays and you’ll instantly be the It Girl of the office. I see this trend transcending us into the carefree attitude of the late 70’s; liberating us with varying patterns and colors. Let the essence of a blast from the past make your wardrobe shine.

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    Pastels are a recurring spring staple. Designers bring this color palette in to reflect the blooming world around them. While I do appreciate a good consistent trend to depend on each season, I love to see a nice switch up to prevent the trend from feeling dragged out. Instead of pairing similar toned pastels, try to match complementary tones. By that I mean take a look at a color wheel and pair your pastels with the color right across from it. Doing so will add dimension to your outfit and make you stand out while using such a typical trend. Another way to reinvent the use of pastels is to wear them with more edgy pieces like fishnets, ripped jeans, and leather. The combination of the soft element of pastels and the hard elements of edgier pieces will result in a complex outfit that is more appealing to the eye.

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    Fringe is another classic fashion aspect coming back into style. As I mentioned before, the 70’s are widely prominent in fashion right now. But unlike the 70’s, fringe is not centered on suede or leather.  Fringe is now used in softer ways. It is most distinguished on feminine silhouettes on dresses and skirts. This is perfect for spring as the weather is warming up and bold pieces like this are not only comfortable but stylish. I recommend letting the fringe stand on its own when worn. It’s a vivid statement that can be easily overwhelming if it is over accessorized or over done with extra prints or colors.

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    Take the season of rebirth and re-imagine your wardrobe and your Summer self. Take note of trends like these and figure out how to dabble in what you dig and what you don’t. Fashion has no rules. There are always ways to take trends and flip them or adapt them to your personal lifestyle. With that being said, happy shopping and happy styling.


Miranda is a Junior Mass Media Arts Major Print Journalism Concentration at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Miranda is looking to write for the politically conscious, fashion-forward, and everyone in between. Feel free to connect with her via social media as well as through LinkedIn!