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Spring Break Survival Guide

Spring break is finally here and for many collegiate students, it’s a great way to relax after midterms and forget about all of the stressful situations we have been going through this year. Trying to plan a successful trip can be very costly. Sometimes, most of us do not have the funds to plan a trip and go somewhere nice. So, instead of spending the week binge watching Netflix and watching all of your friends on Instagram and Snapchat partying on the beach, here are some tips to follow. You won’t miss out on all of the fun this Spring Break!


1. Do Things That Won’t Break Your Bank

if you’re going to be stuck on campus for the week, this is the perfect opportunity to go out and explore. I’m sure you probably think you’ve seen everything, but I guarantee you there’s still so much that you haven’t experienced. Use this week as a chance to drive around town and find cool places to check out that you’ve never been to. Just because it’s Spring Break doesn’t mean you have to spend your week at a beach. Going home and spending time with family is fine, too! You could even plan a road trip with some friends. Just keep that in mind when trying to figure out your plans for spring break.


2. Do Your Research and Plan Ahead

If you plan ahead and do your research, you can find hotels and flights way before your break and begin budgeting your money. The easiest way to avoid excessive costs and last-minute details is by planning ahead. Therefore, make sure you communicate with your friends so you’re all on the same page. Booking flights and finding a hotel last minute will definitely bring some unwanted stress. Make sure you thoroughly research everything you need to know months before your spring break so you’re not scrambling to find affordable hotels and flights because most likely prices for flights and hotels are higher around the time of your break.


3. Make a Budget And Stick To It

Have a specific amount of money set aside for miscellaneous activities and emergencies. If you know you’re the type of person that loves to spend money on food and other things, make sure you set aside some extra cash, so you’re not pinching pennies trying to buy yourself a meal every night when you come back from break.

4. Always Be Prepared

It’s Spring Break and everything is supposed to go as planned, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Chances are you and your friends will change your minds about where to go during the day and what to do at night multiple times. Just make sure you know where you’re going so that you’re always safe. if you lose your wallet in your Uber or you lost your luggage at the airport, prepare yourself for every possible outcome so even if the absolute worst events occur, you’ll have a backup plan.

Alright, Spring Breakers! I think you’re all set for your week of adventures. Remember to stay safe, and have fun. You deserve it!

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