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Self-Love Rocks: Here’s Why

Self-Love Rocks!

            In society, life is stressful and we’re constantly busy with things we’re involved in. So busy that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves in the process. One thing I’ve noticed lately that it’s a trend to doubt yourself and have it be funny. Whether it’s about school, work and/or social lives, there’s nothing humorous about people actually thinking that they aren’t enough. In my opinion, I don’t think we prioritize self-love enough and the bigger problem is I don’t think we know how to. Self-love is something I believe everyone should strive to achieve simply because of the difference of loving yourself and not makes a big impact on your life. With my experience, I’ve come up with three ways that can help with that!

  1.  Defining your own beauty. This was something I learned to do when I was a freshman in college and it helped me with my perception of how I looked and felt about myself. Don’t wait for a specific moment to love yourself. Whether its “Oh let me just lose these five pounds first.” or “I’m waiting until I get my hair done to get cute.”. Those events will lead you to believe in order to love yourself you have to change something about yourself. Which isn’t true at all! Today is the day you can love yourself with no expectations.
  2.  Change your self-talk. The little voice in your head that drags you down when something bad happens has to be changed. You wouldn’t talk that way to somebody you love, so why do you say it to yourself? You should be your biggest fan! Being able to reassure yourself and staying positive will help you overcome whatever situation you may or may not have to deal with.
  3. Pamper yourself! Be more aware of your physical condition and do things to comfort yourself. Those small changes can let yourself know that your comfort and well-being are important. For example, taking the time out of the day to relax and focus on you. Whether it's cooking your favorite food or re-watching your favorite show, giving yourself that time for you is important!

Learn to love yourself and reap the benefits in your life. Making that conscious effort to improve your relationship with yourself will be worth it!


Hey loves! I am sophomore English major at Clark Atlanta University from Chicago, Illinois. IG: ca.cass/ Twitter: caa_cass
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