Sam Smith: The Thrill of It All

            The album opens with the first single from the album “Too Good at Goodbyes,” that was accompanied by a music video that personally made me cry. (I’m a crybaby, but it is very beautiful.) This is a track that’s not necessarily about breaking up, but more about how breakups have affected Smith. He claims that every time his current partner leaves him, he’s hurt less and less by it, hence “I’m way too good at goodbyes.”

            Have you ever been with someone you knew you loved but were afraid to tell them you loved them and you just want your significant other to say those magic words first? “Say it First” is a love song about him wanting his significant other to push the relationship to the next level, and believing that once this happens, it’ll be fire.

            “One Last Song” is a form of a kiss-off song, about an ex (the one that In the Lonely Hour was about) that Smith no longer wants to worry about, let alone write any more songs about. He hopes that this will be the last song he writes about his ex and gets all of his last few thoughts out about the relationship. “In case you hear this, then know you’re the love of my life Want to tell you I’m sorry, I miss having you by my side When you were mine”

            Reminiscing on a relationship that hurt him so badly, it changed him as a person. His third single, “Burning” expresses how he knows he’s been hurt or “burned” by that person and has no love left for them, yet would still be willing to do anything for that person.

            “HIM” is a story about a boy’s coming out of the closet experience and his relationship with both his own father and with God. Sam Smith is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, so this wonderful rendition of the battle between loving who you want but questioning acceptance in both social and religious life was not surprising. “Pray” is another religion related song that more people can relate to. The second single is this time about how he turned his back on religion but realizes that he needs it to get through the trials and tribulations of life when there’s nowhere else to turn.

“There's dread in my heart and fear in my bones And I just don't know what to say Maybe I'll pray, pray Maybe I'll pray I have never believed in you, no But I'm gonna pray.”

And because I can personally relate, I’m 100% here for it.

            After a breakup, certain things can take our minds off of it. “Baby, You Make Me Crazy” is our look at how Smith gets over his breakup: going out and having fun for the night and talking to his sisters. Until the next day at least. On the flip side, “No Peace” is about a breakup that still haunts the heart and leaves no peace. Featuring YEBBA, this heartfelt duet just shows how well Sam Smith can portray heartbreak through song.

            “But real love is never a waste of time” is an imperative line from “Palace,” a track about resenting a breakup, yet knowing that the relationship was definitely worth the time. Able to flip so seamlessly, we hear “Nothing Left For You,” where he is unable to move onto other relationships because he gave his heart to the wrong person who hurt him too badly to be able to fall in love again.

            Smith speaks to his mother in “Scars,” giving her appreciation for going through all she’s been through while still being able to inspire him and help him heal, the same with his father. We get an insight on his life and how his home life was, something that many people may be able to relate to.


Faves: Too Good at Goodbyes, Say It First, HIM, Palace, Pray, Nothing Left for You

Sam Smith certainly delivers with his sophomore album The Thrill of It All, and will be going on tour in 2018!


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