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The Return of the Housewives

Last Sunday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned with their season ten premiere. While most came back, as some of you may know, Phaedra did not. Last season, Phaedra Parks was fired after spreading lies about co-host and husband, Kandi and Todd Burruss, that had to do with drugs and rape. The whole situation played out on television. Since the space for a new “peach” has opened up, two old ones decided to fill the space. Last year Sherreé Whitefield came back, but this year Nene Leakes (my favorite) and Kim Zolciack-Biermann decided to return as well. I have been waiting all year long for the return of my favorite reality show and I can’t wait for all of the mess that is going to happen this season. Here are some things to expect from some of the housewives in this season:

  1. Nene Leakes. First and foremost, I want to say that Nene (in my opinion) is the TOP housewife of Atlanta. She is notorious for being prideful in her richness and for being the shadiest of them all. My favorite is back and better than ever. As we watch her continue to build her empire, I’m expecting all kinds of shady comments and facial expressions. Who doesn’t love mess? Plus, this means that there will be new gifs to make.

2. Kenya Moore. Kenya used to be the only housewife who’d never even been a wife, but all of sudden she pops up with a husband this season. Apparently, she met some man, fell in love, and just eloped. Considering that this all happened within a year, the whole marriage just seems so sketchy. On the first episode, sis did not want to tell anyone his name and she did not bring him to Cynthia Bailey’s birthday party. For her to finally have a “solid” man, it is a little odd for her to not want to show him off…I mean, they’re newlyweds. To be honest, I think it’s a fake marriage and I would not be surprised if she gets caught in a lie this season.

3. Kim Zolciack-Biermann- Besides from the pop up on an episode from last season, Kim hasn’t really been on the show since season five. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from her this season; she might be a whole a new person or the exact same. I really feel like she’s going to bump heads with Kenya the most and she might have a few disagreements with Nene, or be her BFF. With Kenya’s little “marriage” and her side comments, I’m pretty sure that some words will be passed between these ladies and they will not be nice words.

With Nene, Kenya, Kim, and the other ladies, this season should be juicy. Last season was full of juice, so the expectation this year is high. I can’t wait for the rest of the season to unfold as all of these big personalities collide.


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Born and raised in Covington,GA , Jayla Ores is a freshmen at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She is majoring in Mass Media with hopes of having her own talk show.
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