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Pros and Cons of Having a Job During Undergrad

So, I recently became employed at a pizzeria, and I’ve been thinking: Is it feasible for college students to concentrate on GPA scores when they have a part-time job? Due to my involvement on campus, juggling class and a job, I decided to create a pros and cons list of having a job as an undergrad student. 


Stable salary 

College students regularly complain about their money related problems and finding low maintenance jobs can fix it. Try not to search for a job with the sole purpose to acquire cash, but about the other advantages that you will possess as well.

Improve Time Management 

Continuously being late is certainly not a good habit to have; It is an indication of a lack of regard and reckless behavior. There is a steady difficulty of skipping classes to be on schedule for your day of work. To take care of this issue, you need a job that allows you to obtain a flexible schedule. Talk about your schedule with your supervisor and inquire as to whether there is an opportunity to adjust your work hours. The schedule will assist you in understanding the estimation of time management, which is a useful life skill. 

Important Experience/Networking

Regardless of what sort of employment students can discover, there is constantly a chance to get helpful experience for your future career. The workplace can improve your relational and networking abilities. An applicant who has more work experience and references than others have a greater chance of getting a job than the person who doesn’t. Your first job can instruct you to deal with difficult personalities, deal with time management, and help with networking opportunities. These characteristics will prove to be useful after graduation. 

Systems Administration 

The individuals you become more acquainted with while working may tremendously affect your future. No one can tell who will be your golden ticket pass to the business world. Be considerate and attempt to keep up great associations with your partners and supervisors. It is frequently a companion of a companion who can orchestrate an opportunity.


Steady weariness 

Be prepared to confront the unwelcoming truth of lack of sleep. Being drained all the time is an irritating part of working. Putting a lot on your shoulders has its downsides and fatigue is one of them. Your wellbeing is by a long shot more significant than getting compensation. 

Absence of time 

The sad truth about having a job while you are still in school is the need to dismiss your social life. That isn’t completely valid, however, you may get together with companions less frequently than you did previously. 

Jeydah is a Sophomore Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. Jeydah is a proud New Jerseyan and has a blog of her own entitled, "JeydahFromJersey" You can usually find her exploring the "hot spots" of the city of Atlanta, traveling, or cooking delicious empanadas on campus. She is well known for her inviting personality and contagious smile. Some of her favorite topics to write about is her everyday experiences as an Afro Latina, travel destinations, and HBCU culture.
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