Profile Pick Spotlight: Blake Bailey

His friends know him to be a bit of jokester and all-around socialite. But to the rest of CAU, he’s Blake Bailey, the cool kid on the block. He’s a Business Administration major, specifically studying Management, and a graduating senior at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Great catch ladies..right?! Well watch out cause this businessman is currently single and he’s ready to mingle. Leave it to Her Campus CAU to dig the deets and tell you all about Blake Bailey by checking out the interview below!


Hometown: (Born in Atlanta) and raised all over the South except Florida & Texas

Zodiac Sign: Libra Gang


Her Campus: If it were up to your friends, what 3 words would they use to describe you?

Blake Bailey: Mmmmm, let’s see..  * takes 2 mins to answer* they would say I’m friendly, a little corny, and the last one would be outgoing a little bit.Especially since I like to have fun



HC: What traits do you look for in a woman?

BB: A  beautiful woman [ inside and out] of course! She has to have a fun spirit, but not too crazy and all for the turn-up. I sometimes like to chill too and she definitely has to be into music. Music is a big thing to me, if you look through my phone you would see a wide variety of songs, haha and not just hip hop.


HC:What was the worst pick up line you used to get a woman’s attention?

BB:I really don’t use pick-up lines on ladies. I just talk to them, I’m pretty simple and old-school. I’d ask, “how was your day?”......Well there was one incident, when a girl called me corny, and I told her I haven’t had corn in a minute. Ha,I thought it was funny.


HC:What is your ideal date?

BB: Probably something different like I’ve taken girls to SkyyZone before, so I wouldn’t do that again.  Honestly, I’ll plan a surprise trip for us to go somewhere we [have] never been before, like for me I’ve never been to New York nor Los Angeles. And the whole purpose of the trip would be for us to have a new experience together in that city and just have fun.


HC: If you could date any celebrity in the world, who would it be and why?

BB:It’s hard to choose just one …but I’ll say Karrueche. For the simple fact, I like her style and she seems like a really cool person. I know you said date, but I would really like to meet her and I’m sure she’s a good person to vibe around.


HC: I see on your social media and from past conversations that you talk a lot about vibes, what vibes are you referring to and how important are they to you?

BB: The way I see vibes are very important because I’m all about feeling a vibe from people or anything for that matter. I like to feel good and surround myself with good spirits, so I think of it as stringing positivity together as one big wave that people catch to feel good and a sense of togetherness.


HC:What is something that many do not know about you?

BB: Because I’m a pretty chill person, a lot of people don’t know that I’m actually sociable and would talk to anyone about anything. Oh yeah, the fact that I lived in 6  different states in an 8 year time span would shock people too. I usually tell people I’m from Atlanta, since I was born there and I’m often called a military kid, when really I travelled due to my mom’s job as a college athletic offical.

A quick list of all the states Blake lived in are as follows:

Atlanta, Georgia


Savannah, Georgia


Greenville, Mississippi


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


HC: What organizations are you involved in on campus?

BB: As of now I’m the treasurer for Collegiate 100 [ the Clark Atlanta chapter] , a position that I was actually voted on by the members, who are like my brothers, which is cool cause we get stuff done and always have each other’s best interest at heart. We do off campus mentoring and service throughout the community. I’m also a member of C.A.B ( Campus Activities Board) and been a member, since my sophomore year. We’re typically known for working  all the homecoming events, like every year I work the concert, but other than that we do little events like pageants, or serve as crowd control for events all year round.


HC:What activities are you doing outside of school?

BB: Well outside of school, I just finished working with the Atlanta Braves, which took up the majority of my time, so I’m happy to finally have time to myself. Now I have time for the gym and travel through the city listening to music. Sidenote: music is calming and allows me to clear my head. Soon I’ll be looking for another job, ,but right now I’m just enjoying life with my friends, making memories, and having fun. I really don’t like sitting at home.


HC:How does it feel knowing that graduation is underway? What are you post graduation plans?

BB:I honestly feel like graduation is coming a millions miles an hour haha and it’s crazy cause it’s already November. I’m ready, but I’m not ready. I’m ready to be done with school,but at the same time I really don’t know what to do besides head back to school, since I want to be on the business side of professional sports and manage athletes. Post grad plans I’m not really sure….. I just know that I’m tired of school,but if all else fails, I will certainly go back to school, but then I’ll have the problem of deciding where to go, lol it’s just a lot to think about


HC:What advice would you give your freshman year self?

BB: That’s a good question, * takes 3 years to answer* I probably say, don’t get overwhelmed by your situation of being alone and independent in college. If you feel like the vibe is bad, get out of it immediately. Also, to pay attention to signs, listen to your initial thoughts and to take care of yourself first.


HC: What has been your greatest memory thus far in college?

BB: Mmmmm…..I have so many!* takes another 3 years to answer* Definitely my freshmen year when I met all my closest friends. That year over Spring Break we went to Panama City Beach, it was a great crazy trip.


Trivia Game

Q: Would you rather go to the movies or watch Netflix in your room?

A:I can do the Netflix thing, but I rather go to the movies since I like being out in the city

Q:Would you rather visit your family for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

A: Christmas cause it’s the only time I know everyone will be together and I have dog that stays w/ my mom, so for this holiday she’ll drive to my grandmother house with my dog… I love my dog.

Q:Would you rather listen to Drake or Meek Mill?

A:OVO gang all day!

Q:Would you rather eat an endless supply of chicken or steak?

A: I guess chicken, I eat a lot of chicken wings

Q: Would you rather be 11 or 21?


Q:Would you rather Hilary Clinton be president or Donald Trump?

A:Clinton, forget Trump

Q:Would you rather have a 90s love story or the one we have now?

A: If its actually love, I guess the 90s love


There you have it Collegiettes!  A lover of life and a man with a plan. Be sure to follow Blake on Instagram (@waive_b) and Snapchat ( @just_ vibes)  for more positive vibes!