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From Parties to Brunch Lifestyle

It is easy to get caught in the nightlife in Atlanta; whether you’re heading out to Mansion Elan, Museum Bar, Lavie Lounge or even a house party as a stress relief from a long week of classes, extracurricular activities, work etc. But, there comes a time in our lives where we get tired of sweaty spaces with people we don’t really know or we're done with paying to enter a place and the music and atmosphere is straight TRASH!!! I am here to tell you all that there are other things to do besides having a good time at a party.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no shame in attending house parties nor am I putting them down as something lesser than staying in the house or having get togethers with friends. As we get older, we start seeing that there is much more to the nightlife. Being at an HBCU, especially an HBCU in ATLANTA, we have endless options to choose from to have a good time. Whether it’s going to Escobar, Spin, Prickly Pear, Old Lady Gang, Hole in the Wall or TopGolf, you can never be too short of having some good fun. As a current junior myself, I find new and innovative ways that can be found right at your fingertips (hint, hint: cellular device) lol! Typically, I go onto Facebook (yes, I use it and you’d be surprised how interactive it is.) and search for upcoming events. Scrolling through the plethora of events, I find networking mixers that gear towards my major, fashion shows, art exhibit openings, festivals, health & fitness outings, etc. Another resources for those who don’t like partying, check out EVENTBRITE!!!! It is the holy grail and the best part about it is that they have an app so you can save what events that interest you and you can either RSVP or pay for a ticket.


List of things-to-do:

-Georgia Aquarium

-Brunch (some places to consider: The Flying Biscuit, West Egg Café, Atlanta Breakfast Club, Negril Village, Escobar Restaurant & Tapas)

-Kickback (depends on the level of chill or turnt you like)

-Movie Night

-Art Exhibits (High Art Museum or pop up art shows)

-Sip and Paint (best thing ever! Bring back painting 2017)


-Silent Parties

-Day Party

We all want to have some sort of fun during our college years because we will never get them back. But, it’s a joy to create new memories and find innovative ways to enjoy yourself.


Tell us what are some your favorite spots or things-to-do.

credit:   grantland.com and artfunstudio.com

Hey everyone, my name is Yasmyne Fisher. I'm currently the President/Co-Campus Correspondent at Clark Atlanta University. I am a graduating senior, majoring in Fashion Design. My passion is writing on what people want to read, whether it is fashion, pop culture, being black in America you name it I love giving my perspective of a college student to readers.
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