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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collections of over 30 prominent fashion brands were released during the annual, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) beginning on 9/10. NYFW has been one of the most renowned fashion events to occur in the United States allowing designers to present their collections to buyers, the press and the public for over 75 years.

Although NYFW is known for its runway shows and difficult to obtain seating, that was not necessarily the case this time. This years’ creativity-packed shows had the option to be: completely socially-distanced or full-blown digital. With technology on their side, designers had the opportunity to provide viewers with an experience just as stimulating as the in-person shows. 

Of the few brands that participated this season, Zimmerman, Peter Do, and Ulla Johnson had the most enthralling and alluring shows, thus far. These three brands are this season’s Holy Trinity and have captured the emotions, dreams and attitudes of their audiences. 



“Flowers make you feel happy and with fashion, for me, that’s what it is about” Nicky Zimmerman, creative director at Zimmerman, said about the “Wild Botanica” collection. Zimmerman’s highly developed love for botanical gardens and flowers served as the predominant inspiration for the collection. The show featured the runway bordered by a botanical garden, the vibrant floral prints, dreamy shots of the looks and more. The entire film is a breath of fresh air, and channels the romantic and fantasizer. 

Watch the Show Here: https://youtu.be/0VXqAP6vrlI

white flowered tree against vivid blue sky
Wara Nimprapuad via pexels

Peter Do

Peter Do SS 2021 collection strikes the individualist, eccentric unorthodox dresser. This show depicts individuals that are always on the go, people that have things to do but prefer to do these tasks fashionably. The film sets an enigmatic tone but at the same token is fulfilling. 

Watch the Show Here: https://youtu.be/zwZdOIZc5wU

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson’s SS21 collection is for the free-spirited, unconventional individual. The show featured a live performance, cinematic shots and well-assembled ensembles right in New York. The collection can be seen as boho-inspired through its gentle and pastel colors. Aside from the collection, the brand focused on the details from the hair to the accessories which compliments and depicts the average, day to day woman. 

Watch the Show Here: https://youtu.be/zdJca-AmtIw

These three collections —The Holy Trinity, has provided the experiences of none other during this season’s New York Fashion Week. The cinematography and individuality in each show capture the viewer and delivers an unexpected experience. 

I am Jalondra Jackson, a multiform arts and culture writer, curator and enthusiast. Currently, I am a Junior studying Journalism and Business Administration at Clark Atlanta University. My portfolio is influenced by the ever-shifting industry of art and the underrepresented areas in the arts. I began this journey by serving as a content writer for Her Campus CAU and my university’s newspaper, The CAU Panther.