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Welcome back to school HerCampus CAU readers. As you know, students are getting back into the swing of all things academic, including classes and extracurricular, but they are also getting back into their favorite seasonal programs. If you’ve read my articles the past three years, you’d know my writing style is personal and my articles surround my various interest in things like Syfy television. 

NEW SHOW ALERT. If you haven’t heard a television show by the name “Manifest” will premiere on NBC’s network September 24th, 2018. The pilot episode is so jaw-dropping that it’s gone viral all over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. 

The trailer begins with the opening quote from what seems to be a lead character, “If you had seen us that afternoon, you’d assume we were just a regular family returning home from vacation” a quote not taken seriously enough. A husband with his kids, one suffering from progressive Leukemia, is traveling home when a flight attendant informs the passengers the flight is oversold. While the rest of his family (wife, daughter, and parents) decide to fly home, his sister and son decide to take the immediate flight home so that his son can receive assistance quicker.  While on board the flight, a large sound rings in the air, the lights turn off and the plane has an immediate landing, just to then discover news they never expected to hear. As the lead character expresses confusion for the landing, a police officer informs them the flight they were on was lost over 5 and a half years ago, yet everyone on board looks the same age they did when they left. The most shocking part of the trailer is when the man greets his daughter. Olive (the daughter) greets her father and twin brother, Olive has grown up five-plus years while her brother is still the same age as when the flight departed. 

This crazy pilot episode has shaken up social media and viewers are wondering if it’ll be the next hit television shows that all are tuning in to watch. Many are even relating this show to the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 that disappeared in March of 2014. 

While critics are saying it would’ve been better as a movie, or that it won’t make it past its first season, others are monitoring it as a hit show. What do you think will happen to this show?

Hello, my name is Tayla Minette Camper and I'm writer and membership advisor for HerCampus at CAU. I am currently a senior at the prestigious Clark Atlanta University.