The Neon Necessity

   Neon green has sneakily crept its way into almost every media platform this past summer silently foreshadowing it’s soon to be the takeover of the fashion world. Top Social Media Influencers, such as Madisun Skylar (@madisunsky on Instagram) have painted Instagram timelines with their neon green hair since May of 2018. This major fashion statement was one of the first crucial keys in introducing the trend to the average consumer. Shortly after, Kim Kardashian West, (Business Owner/Social Media Influencer) followed suit by sporting neon green outfits, hair, and even a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

via @madisunsky & @kimkardashian on Instagram

   These simultaneous bold yet subtle hints geared up anticipation for New York Fashion Week 2018 which featured over ten collections centered around neon garments. Introducing neon is a huge move as Fall New York Fashion Week will showcase the following seasons’ Spring/Summer collections and trends. While the fashion world is always a season ahead, the real world is quite different. Collections showcased in New York Fashion week will dictate the real world’s wardrobe for the season to come. With that being said, the necessity for neon is at an all-time high as these collections have sparked outfit inspiration everywhere and the world is ready to see what neon can contribute to drab seasons to come.

via Christian Siriano SS19 Collection

   Now that neon is set to be such a prominent move in fashion, we as fashion consumers can take in various ways to prepare for it. Incorporating neon into your wardrobe may seem intimidating and even frightening for those who love the cool tones of Fall/Winter, however, have no fear Her Campus CAU is here to offer two of the easiest ways to work with such a statement of a color range.



Light accessorizing is one of the easiest ways to participate in fashion trends. This move is basically the equivalent of dipping your toe into a pool of cold water, it allows you to get a feel for your comfortability. Some of the hottest accessories spotted in NYFW collections included handbags, bracelets, and hair pieces to complement the already bold outfits. However, taking these accessories and introducing them as a pop of color in your everyday wardrobe is a good way to try out an adventurous fashion move in a comfortable space.

via Adeam SS19 Collection

2.  Dramatize

Just as it is easy to merely dabble in bold trends, it is equally as easy to dive into them! A majority of the hottest looks at NYFW were neon head to toe. One of the most accessible ways to find such bold threads is to hit up local thrift stores. Neon was a huge trend in the 80’s and a lot of the same silhouettes from then have been currently presented in NYFW. Since we are not yet at the point where neon has been a commercialized, fast fashion trend the best way to grab onto affordable neon pieces is to work with what has been handed down to us from the fashion icons of the past.

via Christian Siriano SS19 Collection

While a majority of us may not be bold enough to dye our hair green or buy out a ride to match the trend, playing with neon this Fall/Winter will be a fun way to add funk into seasons that are usually dominated by typically dull colors. This trend may be a passing fad, but it will nonetheless be enjoyable, and a monumental moment in the history of fashion within this generation.