Nair's Leg Mask- The Truth About This Holy Grail Hair Removal Product

With it being Homecoming SZN the need for self-care has been in overload. The need for face masks has been upped from once a week to twice so for those Instagram photos everyone can see the glow one gets from taking care of their skin. Lots of people only focus on their face but it’s 2019 and every part of our bodies must be looking good and mental state has to be amazing. Recently, I have found a holy grail product for my legs. The Nair Leg Mask is one of the best hair removal products I’ve used on my legs. At first, I was a little skeptical because in the past I have never used hair removal products. I was very much a girl that used her handy dandy razor and conditioner because it kept the legs moisturized after. The mask exfoliates and smooths the leg so if you have “strawberry legs” like I have the regular use of this in tour self-care routine will eventually minimize the looks of them. The clay feels nice and cooling on the legs. The 100% sewed extract gives a nice earth smell cutting down on the regular smell that hair removal products have. Within in minutes my legs were clear of stubble, soft, and they were dried out. It cut down my usual shaving time down by twenty minutes using this product. On Sundays and Wednesday, I do my self-care routine and this product took it down by eliminating extra steps but also improving my routine.  After an extensive shower, I wash my face using a four-step process for dry skin. Then I tried out the Nair Leg Mask and then went on to brush my teeth and finish up in the bathroom. Being a college student with an extensive skin care and body care routine is a lot when living in a residence hall but the Nair Leg Mask really made it easier.