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My Favorite “Go To” Restaurants in ATL

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

There is no surprise that Atlanta is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. With the rise of tourists, the need for hot spots has increased as well. Being that I am from out of state and a self-proclaimed food connoisseur, it was my mission to find the best foods that Atlanta has to offer. I have broken down the categories of food that I have tried in no particular order. However, I did break it down in different types! Since I am not a native to ATL, here are my favorite touristy food spots:

Being that seafood is truly one of my favorite foods, anything other than the seafood category going up to bat first would be blasphemy. 


1. Juicy Crab (1155 Virginia Ave 2nd Level, Hapeville, GA 30354) is one of the more popular seafood spots. Celebrities such as Tyler Perry and Yung Joc has proclaimed the restaurant as one of their favorites.

2. The Crab Spot (1155 Virginia Ave 2nd Level, Hapeville, GA 30354) is a bit more affordable rendition of “Juicy Crab” Personally, I can appreciate. The Crab Spot not only because it’s lighter on the pockets, but because they offer outdoor seating and on the weekends, the restaurant provides a DJ and the dance floor is open to dancing all night.

3. Krab Qweenz (529 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308) is one of the newer restaurants that have opened in the city. Despite its grand opening being in August, Krab Qweenz has generated a lot of noise within Atlanta. The restaurant’s drink menu is my favorite addition which includes Hennessy Floats and fishbowls topped with candy.

4. Bottle Rocket Fine Food and Beverage (180 Walker St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313) is a trendy sushi spot with an eye-catching interior. Bottle Rocket also offers “Make Your Own Sushi” classes every month. The class will allow you to learn the sushi basics by making a nigiri and makimono. After taking a break to enjoy a sake bomb, the next step is learning how to make a speciality roll.


1. Last February, I visited Sabor Dominicano (4186 Buford Hwy NE Suite M, Atlanta, GA, 30345) for Dominican independence day. I was pleased with their “Morir Sonando” which is a Dominican speciality drink, mixed with milk, orange juice, vanilla, and sugar. Morir Sonando translated in English is, “die dreaming” And, I promise that it definitely tastes like a dream. Sabor Dominicano also offers sancocho, a Dominican staple, a hearty soup made with a variety of meats, vegetables, and plantains, on Saturdays.

2. Papis Cuban & Caribbean Grill ( 216 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308) offers a Caribbean vibe and tasty Cuban food!

3. No Mas! Cantina (180 Walker St SW ste b, Atlanta, GA 30313) is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Atlanta because of its mesmerizing scenery. Not only does No Mas! Cantina offers a brunch menu with passion fruit mimosas(to DIE for) Something that separates No Mas! Cantina from other restaurants is the fact that the restaurant offers a breathtaking gift shop that includes authentic Mexican souvenirs. Literally, you will have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you witness the beauty of all of the handmade authentic Mexican souvenirs. No Mas! Offers an upstairs and downstairs, as well as an outdoor option.

4. I discovered Bone Garden Cantina (1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318) when I saw a viral tweet about tacos in Atlanta. Their tacos definitely lived up to the hype! However, their Goat soup is something that you can not pass when you visit. Drowning your taco in the goat soup is an absolute must to gain true experience. Their “Los Dios De Los Muertos” aka “Day of the Dead” decor made me appreciate the Mexican restaurant furthermore. 


1. Heirlooms BBQ (2243 Akers Mill Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339) was featured on FoodNetwork.com’s “Best BBQ Ever” article. It truly lives up to its title. The Korean style Brisket was my absolute favorite, as it was tender and flavorful. The pulled pork was so moist that it melted in your mouth. Disclaimer: Heirlooms BBQ doesn’t offer seats in their outside dining area, there are only tables so be prepared to stand while you feast. BRB, I’m starving now! 

2. Dwarf House Chick Fil A (461 N Central Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354) is always something that I mention when I bring up Georgia. In 1946, the Dwarf House CFA was the first EVER Chick Fil A that was opened. As a child, I have always been fascinated with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, so the fact that the Hapeville Dwarf House offers a miniature “dwarf” door as the main entrance was a cute touch. Of course, they have an average sized door as well. Adding onto the diner theme with high stools and booths, and the fact that it is the original CFA, the menu is what differentiates this Chic Fil A from all of the others. The location offers soul food such as steak, mac and cheese, and a sweet potato souffle that will literally make you wanna slap yo mama! 


1. Little 5 Points Pizza (422 Seminole Avenue NE) is a cute hipster-ish themed pizzeria in Little 5 Points, GA. Little 5 Points is a touristy section of Atlanta, and their decor definitely helps them generate popularity. 

2. Apache Cafe holds significance in my heart and is perfect for a creative date night or a night out with friends. Every weekend, the cafe offers an open mic night where members of the audience rate the performers. One time, I went to an Erykah Badu Sip N Paint themed open mic night. Wine, canvasses, paint, and amazing performers were all included in the package. 


1. Mary Mac’s Tearoom (224 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308) was the first restaurant that I ever tried when I made my first stop in Atlanta back in 2013, and it has not disappointed me yet. Mary Macs is a 1945 era themed restaurant, and the service is truly up to par. The genuine southern hospitality and mouth-watering comfort food made it a memorable experience. Whether I ordered catfish, yams, greens, or mac and cheese, I can confidently say that everything that I have had on the menu made it impossible for me to not rank the restaurant as one of my favorite food spots.

Jeydah is a Sophomore Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. Jeydah is a proud New Jerseyan and has a blog of her own entitled, "JeydahFromJersey" You can usually find her exploring the "hot spots" of the city of Atlanta, traveling, or cooking delicious empanadas on campus. She is well known for her inviting personality and contagious smile. Some of her favorite topics to write about is her everyday experiences as an Afro Latina, travel destinations, and HBCU culture.