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Mr. Steal Your Girl Strikes Again with “Playboy”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Word on the street is…… Trey Songz is going to have his own reality dating show on VH1 soon. WTH?!? Why would Trey Songz of all people decide to entertain random women on national television just so he can find “love”. SIKE SIKE SIKE you guys really thought he was going to do that (at least we hope not in the near future). But, on a fun and serious note, Songz has come with the idea of creating a fictious dating show to promote his upcoming album, “Tremaine” which is currently on pre-order right now and will be available on March 24th. So far he has basically used a dating show and love life as a story because every Thursday he releases a new track off the new album. The storyline is Trey has created a reality show after the breakup of his longtime girlfriend of many years. The first song he released is “ Nobody Else But You” , pretty self-explanatory but in the video he meets the contestants through a mixer and gets to know each of them during the event. Songz has reoccurring flashbacks of his relationship and trying to let go of the hurt of what got them to the breaking point. It correlates to what we as collegiates deal on a daily basis is when it comes to relationships whether it be we are meeting someone for the first time, getting over a breakup, or currently dating, sometimes we find ourselves reflecting on the past and it causes us to compare our previous partners to new people and it’s difficult to move on without healing and finding closure for ourselves before opening up to others. The next two songs he released were “Playboy” and “ Song Goes Off” that illustrates how Songz continues through the show romancing these women, flirting with them while he is still attempting to get over his ex. Sometimes while he is with the girls and suddenly sees his ex as a trigger of what the things they used to do. Being a playboy or for us playgirl can be all fun and games until we are searching for the “one.” With his album releasing only a few weeks away, the storyline continues and it is now getting clear what happened to the relationship and what maybe the fate for the contestants of the show. In my opinion, I love the videos because each video is a continuation of the previous ultimately making a movie for the album just like Beyoncé did for Lemonade. As a Day One fan of Trey Songz, the evolution of his music is very evident and it is clear that some day he wants to find “the one” and this album says it all.

Citations @Treysongz on twitter

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