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Morehouse Student’s “Quan’s Beautiful World” Art Gallery Shut Down The AUC This Weekend

    It was a beautifully, hot Spring day, that transitioned into a comforting, warm atmosphere this past Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia.  This night, April 27th, hosted Morehouse student (2021) Je’Quan Sailes-Irving’s first art gallery, just 10 minutes away from the Atlanta University Center.

Graphic Design Work/Flyer by Je'Quan Sailes-Irving

    As a new CTEMS (Cinema, Technology, Engineering & Media Studies) major, it took a lot out of Je’Quan to execute this event into a reality, as it has been a dream of his since high-school. In just his second year at Morehouse, his work has been featured and remained a staple in his dormitory, Perdue Hall. This group exhibition earlier this year, fueled the motivation to get more of his work offline, for people to see and engage with first hand.

{in}VISIBLE Photo Gallery at Perdue Hall, Morehouse College

    Je’Quan is a visual artist who has created a mile long portfolio full of film photography and detailed graphic design work. A majority of his photography centers around concert shots of the hottest celebrities, influencers, and game changers of our time.

Je'Quan Sailes-Irving

    While being around such greatness to capture moments in time may sound glamorous, a lot more work goes into his photography than just pushing a button. Je’Quan goes to the extreme of making it to every major music festival, concert, or pop-up event in whichever city he’s located in at the time. After working on how to get tickets, he then focuses on how to get close enough to the artist to catch that glamour shot, a moment in time that can make someone feel as though they were there right with him.

    With such an extensive portfolio, Je’Quan has highlighted underground artists such as Brax and Ravyn Lenae to bigger, household name artists, such as Chief Keef and Lil Yachty. This is collection presented his experiences with those artists amongst many other faces in popular culture today.

Photo by Je'Quan Sailes-Irving, feautured at Quan's Beautiful World

  At “Quan’s Beautiful World”, each of the 30+ prints were 24 inches by 36 inches/24 inches by 30 inches,  taking up three full rooms in a quaint congruent space named Future Gallery. The exhibit was three rooms deep. Each room connected you to various artists in both action and still shots. The beauty of it all was how Quan strategically placed artists who are connected to each other via music genre/hometown to allow his viewers to to connect the dots on his live experiences.

    The exhibit as a whole drew in a crown of 45+ people, from all areas of the Atlanta University Center, along with a few Georgia State students, and locals to appreciate his work. The night was DJ’d by DJ Perrier (Morehouse 2021), which contributed to the comforting atmosphere at the show, as he played work by the artists featured to accent the exhibit itself.

    Overall, “Quan’s Beautiful World” was a hit. It was nothing but good energy flowing, constant conversation, and most importantly admiration of the artist at hand. This will not be the last you see of Je’Quan at all.

    If you’re located in the Atlanta University Center/Atlanta area, take advantage of such close proximity to a promising, young, black, artist. If you’re not a local, admire/support his work from a far by showing love on all of his media platforms!

    You can keep up with Je’Quan on Instagram @notstarving. Feel free to visit his portfolio site, here for a better look at the photos featured at the exhibit, there are print sales are to come of all of the work presented so be on the lookout!


Miranda is a Junior Mass Media Arts Major Print Journalism Concentration at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Miranda is looking to write for the politically conscious, fashion-forward, and everyone in between. Feel free to connect with her via social media as well as through LinkedIn!
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