Meet Nia Jones: A Spirited Devastating Diva

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Name: Nia Jones

Hometown: D.C.

Major: Junior Mathematic and Industrial Engineering

Twitter/IG: twitter (__Niaa) IG (nia_novella)

Relationship Status: Taken by the best *Wink, Wink*

Dream Job:  I have a few actually! One, to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, teach Calculus to high school seniors and juniors to encourage them to pursue STEM  in college, or to open a school for people who were once incarcerated to give them a second chance.

Dream Date: Watching the apple drop on New Years with my love.

One thing you can’t leave the house without: Music, I need music to survive.

Well, who’s your favorite artist: Michael Jackson, because his music is timeless and he's an icon. His music makes my spirit come alive and he's simply amazing.

Who would you like to thank for your greatness: my immediate family , my boyfriend that keeps me motivated and grounded , Latonya because she’s awesome,  my line sisters and cheer team for being supportive and anyone I have come in contact with , I appreciate you because in some way or somehow you taught me something.  

Why CAU? I was accepted on the spot with a full ride scholarship and found out about the dual degree program at CAU, when you are at CAU for 3 years and spend 2 years at a partnering school and Georgia Tech happens to be one and that was my first choice so it all worked out perfectly.

What Is Something You Would Tell Yourself Freshman Self: TAKE YOUR TIME and listen to your older friend’s advice because they are right.

Short Tem Goal: *Laughs*… to pay off debt

Organizations on campus: CAU Cheer, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), a Dual Degree Program student research assistant, and I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, Sigma chapter. 

Favorite Person on Campus: Latonya Beverly! We met freshman year, as roommates and have been inseperatable ever since. She has been there with me through everything.  

Number One Thing on Your Bucket List: To go sky diving

Favorite Quote: “Everything happens for a reason”

Dream Wedding: Okay, so my boyfriend is a Kappa and his line number is 5 and my line number is 19. So it makes sense that our date would be May 19th ( Get it? Lol, May is the 5th month and the day would be the 19th) . Plus, I want it to be outside like at a park in the city with many flowers, specifically the bird of paradise flower, and I want about 100 to 200 people in attendance. Yeah, that's my dream wedding *Giggles*

How Long Have You Cheered: 10 years

Favorite Line from “Bring It On”: They hate cause we’re beautiful, well we don’t like you either, we’re cheerleaders *laughs*.

Biggest Accomplishment So Far: Becoming a Delta and managing my money without asking my parents for anything.

If You Could Only Listen To One Song for the Rest of Your Life What Would It Be: Pharrell and Jay-Z - Frontin’

Hardest Thing You Have Overcome in College: Last year I was diagnosed with a chronic illness called, Crohn’s disease and I was hospitalized for 10 days. I was forced to withdraw out of all my classes except one and I couldn’t be as involved on campus. However, I beleive in God and in mircales, because I overcame it and I’m happy about where I’m at now.   

Who or What inspires you? Well, the “who” is my parents and older brother because the values they have instilled in me to follow. The “what” is my past because I didn’t allow it to bring me down. Tribulations come to make you stronger and if you have that mind set about anything that comes your way there is nothing that can stop you.

Thank you Nia for allowing Her Campus CAU to interview you. It was truly a pleasure!