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Meet Miss Alpha Rho: Honor Donnie

I got the HONOR (haha, get it?) to interview Miss Alpha Rho 2018-2019, Honor Donnie this past week. During the interview, we discussed future goals, how it feels to be royalty, manifestations, and more. Honor is a graduating senior with ambitions to lead in International Policy. Enjoy this read as you learn how much of a charismatic, determined, young lady Honor truly is. 


HC: I know you’re almost outta here! What do you plan on accomplishing with your degree? 


HD: After I graduate I’m going to get my degree in International Relations of Public Policy. A goal of mine is to do International Development, International Policy. I want to create a content hub for black news.


HC: How does being a first generation American affect you? 


HD: I didn’t know I was a first-generation American until high school. I always thought I was just Liberian. Being in the AUC has given me a better love and understanding of Black Americans and their culture. Being a first-generation Liberian American is something that I am really glad that I am. The fact that I can go to Liberia and know exactly what village is my grandfather’s village is a blessing. I’m also the event coordinator for the African Students Association and AUC ASA is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me because it’s created a family for me. I don’t think I would be so prideful of being African if I didn’t go to an HBCU.” 


HC: I saw that you took a trip to Liberia and met President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman president in all of Africa. What was that experience like? 


HD: It was empowering. I valued being able to meet Africa’s first woman president. Being able to say that I’m a senior now and being able to say that I’ve met a president made me realize that I can go into any space and command it. 


HC:  You won the title of Miss Alpha Rho for Morehouse College in 2018. What advice would you give to anyone doing a pageant? 


HD: Pick an organization that you truly want to represent because it makes a difference in your pageant process. And, I partnered with God on it. It’s been on my vision board since freshman year. Being able to do the pageant with Alpha Rho shifted everything. There are so many things that I learned about myself, and I gained brothers in the process. If it’s one thing, I love Alpha Rho. For them to create this family and not only be something that they talk about but something that they do is an experience. And save your money because it is NOT cheap!”  


**At this moment of the interview, a member of the Alpha Rho chapter began to greet her. Funny how life works * 


HC: You also quoted, “reading is my favorite thing to do.” What is your favorite book at the moment?


HD: My favorite book series ever is Harry Potter. *as she pulls out her Ravenclaw keychain* I’m actually Raven Claw. I have every single book. “The Prisoner of Azkaban” is my favorite because it’s the first time that Harry Potter realizes that he has a family so he’s not out in the world on his own. He learns about the history of his family and it’s the first time throughout the book that he realizes that it’s not just him versus the world.”


HC: So would it be safe to say that you are family-oriented? 


HD: Absolutely. My family is everything to me. I’m someone who truly believes that family isn’t just someone who you share blood with. I have created a family in the AUC. 


HC: As I read your article about your trip to Paris, you mentioned the power of words. What is your advice on manifestation?


HD: My manifestation comes from my understanding that I am letting God‘s will be done. Manifestation comes from understanding what you are truly looking for. You also have to understand that just because you want it does not mean that it is for you or that it is your time. Understand that it is His time. I write down everything. I have a prayer journal and I have a personal journal so that I can actively have my goals. 


HC: Being that you are 21, what would you tell your 15-year-old self?


HD: I would tell my 15-year-old self is that she is chosen. She never believed when people would tell her that, and so she didn’t realize her beauty in all aspects. If you believe that you’re chosen and trust God, you will be good.


HC: Since you’re this well-established woman, what plans do you have for the future?  What’s next?


HD: Next semester I have a fashion show coming out with the African Students Association. I also have an event in the spring called Streets with Africa, it’s like a carnival with vendors and food. In addition to that, I have a blog series coming out so be on the lookout for that in February. And before I graduate I’m going to leave something on campus… I’m going to leave my mark.

Jeydah is a Sophomore Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. Jeydah is a proud New Jerseyan and has a blog of her own entitled, "JeydahFromJersey" You can usually find her exploring the "hot spots" of the city of Atlanta, traveling, or cooking delicious empanadas on campus. She is well known for her inviting personality and contagious smile. Some of her favorite topics to write about is her everyday experiences as an Afro Latina, travel destinations, and HBCU culture.
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