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Meet CAU’s 2018-2019 SGA Vice President: Imani Abu Bakir


HerCampus had a chance to sit down and speak with the newly elected Student Government Vice President of CAU for the upcoming school year. We disussed the three things she wants to happen in the upcoming year, how Brooklyn, New York has influenced her, and how she will handle setbacks. To hear all of this and more keep reading and learn more about Ms. Abu-Bakir. 


HC: Hey girl so the first question is where are you from? How has that place shaped who you are?

IAB: So I am originally from Brooklyn New York, but I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia about 10 years ago. I now reside in Paulding County Georgia.  It’s a really cool atmosphere there and it definitely prepared me for Clark Atlanta because of the diversity. I went to a predominately white high school and I think it is important for students to then attend an HBCU to get a diverse background.

HC:  What do you love about your HBCU Clark Atlanta University?

IAB:  I love the atmosphere. I definitely can say it is culturally inclusive and diverse.  I love that you can yourself on this HBCU’s campus and find yourself. I think it is important to have an ability to be yourself with those that look like you around. People are always around that know how to do something that you want to learn or that you need. If you need your hair done, your nails, everything we need is on this campus.

HC:  Alright so what is your major at CAU?

IAB: I am a social work major. I want to work for a major cooperation doing philanthropy work. I want to work for a company like Vince City and help plan and develop undeveloped (areas considered rural or endangered) areas. I want to help areas like the West End Area in Atlanta to be on the back end that helps plan and make this area appealing to the urban society. Because a lot of these areas are being overthrown because of gentrification and I want to sit on boards and make sure that we are being represented and helped.

HC: How did this career become something that you saw yourself wanting to do in the future?

IAB: I moved from Brooklyn to Atlanta about ten years ago. And the area that I stayed in and remember is not like that anymore. They have been whitened. The areas are not as they were .The roots on what I built my basis of a childhood on are not there anymore. It is completely gentrified. All of these historical places around Atlanta have been gentrified from the Chick Fil A up the street to the Mercedes Bens Stadium.  We need African Americans rooting for our success and for our needs. I believe I can be that person.

HC: When you were campaigning for Vice President I know you mentioned your involvement in the Social Work program. What have you done? 

IAB: I am a junior here at CAU and when I entered the program most of my classes were in Carl and Mary Ware and in my sophomore year I noticed that there were a lot of flaws within my major compared to the school of business. I wanted to be involved in Business and in Social Work and I wanted my program to be on top as well. I wanted Social work to have resources as far as internships, job opportunities, and the program Handshake. So I took on the role as the Class Representative for the Bachelor of Social Work Program and I advocated that the people who come into this program should see results. I helped get class uniform shirts for the Social Work program as well. We are now the second school on CAU’s campus to have uniform class shirts.   I thought that was imperative to have because it gave us a since of community and unity in my major.  We wore them at the State Capitol for the school of Social Work advocacy day. We now have a way to display ourselves.

HC: Why did you run for Vice President of the Student Government Association at CAU?

IAB:I ran because once you start something you begin to see that you can do and what needed to be done around the school.  I felt like it was needed to have person in a leadership position that was going to advocate on the behalf of the students and ensure the success of students inside and outside of the classroom. I felt like I have a lot of talents under my belt from talking to President Johnson to having a relationship with administration and faculty. I felt like I could give my all to this institution.

HC: What was your platform that you ran with?

IAB: M.U.S.I.C was my platform.  It stands for Model for Urban Success and Inspire Change.

HC: How did you pick M.U.S.I.C? Why promote yourself and your campaign with that?

IAB: I felt like the best way to build my campaign was to go off something I was passionate about. And I am passionate about music. I lived in New York and was always rapping on the bus or with my friends.  I also serve as an Orientation Guide and my nickname is Remy Ma. Music is a way to appeal to those around you. As a leader I think it’s needed to have a relatable connection with the people.

HC: How did you feel when you found out you won SGA Vice President for the 2018-2019 school Year?

IAB: Honestly I was so shocked. I did not know I was going to win. I knew my campaign was dope. Everyone told me that, but I didn’t really think I was going to win. People told me it was a different feel to my campaign. But when they said my name I was like Wow. I did it. Not only did I believe in myself but the whole student body believed in me. This wasn’t a class election but the whole student body believed in me enough to trust me for the upcoming school year. I think that is really important.

HC: Now that you have this task as Vice President what are the three things you want to see accomplished in the school year?

IAB: First I will reiterate that I want to promote UNITY. I want to bridge the gap of unity in the school. I want to implement class representatives for each program in the school to have a voice.  Secondly, I want to be there for CCO’S. In the fall the requisition form will now be online. And with we will have a station in the student’s center for students to do so in an easy and accessible manner. It is a long process and with it being paperless students will adequately be able to fill it out and track the process of it. Lastly, I want every student to have academic success.  I feel like we are a fun intuition and we need have fun and be students that propel inside the classroom.

photo credit: Imani’s Instagram 

HC: What are the top three songs that you are listening to right now.

IAB: GOD’S PLAN- DRAKE, CARDI B- BE CAREFUL, and I have to take it to the Lord with TASHA COBBS- FOR YOUR GLORY.

HC:  What is one thing you want to improve on CAU’S Campus during your term?

IAB: I want to help bridge the gap of the unknown on campus. I want to help eliminate the “I didn’t know about that” or “When did that happened on campus.” There should be not so many instance s of lack of knowledge about the resources or evets on campus.  I want to ensure that all students are aware on campus.

HC: How will you handle setbacks as SGA Vice President?

IAB: I will ensure that I know my boundaries beforehand and that if things don’t go as planned I will begin to work around the notion of “I can’t.” I will put myself in the position to bounce back and keep pushing. I will face push back anywhere from at CAU, in my career, to in my major so I am ready. I will propel for my school ensuring success.

HC: Are you excited for this upcoming school year? How are you feeling?

IAB: I am so excited. I know that this school year is going to be so DOPE. We are planning a lot now before the year has begun. From our concepts, promo videos, events, we are going in. It will all be DOPE. Everything is a lot to be LIT. We are planning already to set the bar high for this upcoming school year. #1819 

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