Let's End Women's History Month With Modern Women That Are Making History

In previous years, women have evolved, specifically in our form of celebration and recognition. For example, Women’s History Month was at first only a week, and even before that it was only a day. Celebrating women’s history is an important factor in our society, however, it is also equally important to celebrate the women we have today. The influences of the past and present deserve their recognition immensely. In 2019 alone, women have eliminated stigmas and initiated new conversations within our society. Here’s a list of amazing women who have taken over their industry and annihilated their opponents.

Jada Pinkett – Smith

How deep does the conversation really get in your household? Last year, Jada Pinkett – Smith launched her Facebook watch-series, “Red Table Talk,” that burned bridges between generations within a family. Since then, the show has provided a platform for various figures in the industry and opened the conversation about many aspects of life. These aspects include family life, inequality and equality, politics, and more. It has just been announced that the show is being renewed for a second season, which will comprise of 20 episodes. The season is supposed to premiere May 20th.  Additionally, “Red Table Talk” has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the informative talk-show category.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has become the youngest Prime Minister of New Zealand in 150 years. She is known for her passion against sexism and racism. Most recently, Ardern was praised internationally, after the statements following the Christchurch mosque shootings. In the statement, she urged the world to not say the shooter’s name since it would promote his “notoriety.” During the shootings, 50 people died and Prime Minister Ardern assured the families that all funeral costs would be cover. Not only has Arden utilized her platform to spread compassion, but she has also influenced us to distribute the same compassion in our own communities. 


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio – Cortex

On January 3rd, 2019, New York U.S. House of Representative Alexandria Ocasio – Cortex was sworn into office. Since being sworn in, Ocasio has been advocating for policies like clean water and water. In fact, she has co-sponsored the Green New Deal. This past week she even fought strongly for her these beliefs against Senator Mike Lee. Sen. Lee used various props to degrade the purpose of the deal. The senator even brought props from movies, a sub-machine gun, and a poster of President Ronald Reagan. Overall, Cortex has not been shy in her views and is fighting for what she has always campaigned.

In conclusion, we stan all these amazing women! They have continued the traditions of inspiring, implementing, and encouraging other women to follow their own paths. Furthermore, they have constructed various platforms to promote their issues. Take the time to find influential women in your field of study. It’s significant that we as women, know our history, present, and future every single month.