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#KardashiansAreCancelledParty: How the Jordyn Woods Situation Told Us What We Already Knew

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve heard about Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods’ alleged kiss on a drunken night. While I am a fan of the City Girls, I do not advocate for stealing people’s men. But I whole heartedly believe that Jordyn did not try to steal that poor girl’s husband. I believe that she was taken advantage of in an inebriated state. That brings me to my first point:

 We don’t listen to victims.

Khloe Kardashian blamed Jordyn for breaking up her family via twitter last week. While there’s more than a couple reasons why this tweet was obviously delusional, the one that stuck out to me the most is the fact Khloe completely ignored the fact that Jordyn was drunk and did not agree to kiss her *I use this term very loosely* man.  This is a product of rape culture. And instead of calling Khloe out on her delusional accusation, somebody should’ve been checking her about not checking her “man” for kissing drunk girls.

My second point:

We hold black girls to a different standard that we don’t hold white girls too.

The Kardashians have been doing their best to crucify this girl for all of the stuff they did to come up! Kim and Khloe both have babies by men who were in relationships when they met them, yet their always on E!, the Shade Room, TMZ and whatever other camera they can get in front of. But the moment it may look like they’re receiving what they’ve dished out to other industry women for the past decade, issa problem? Oh no baby.

The Kardashians need to keep that same energy for Jordyn Woods that Amber Rose and Jordan Craig (Tristan Thompson’s first baby momma) had with them.

My final point:

Women need to learn to stick together.

Anyone with sound mind, knows that this should’ve been a Khloe and Tristan issue, not a Khloe and Jordyn issue. While Jordyn is a family friend, Tristan is the one who should’ve been put out of the house, shunned from the family, and attempted to be dragged on the internet. Not Jordyn. Jordyn wasn’t in a relationship with Khloe, Tristan was. Jordyn didn’t have a baby with Khloe, Tristan did. Jordyn didn’t throw a house party and not invite his baby momma, Tristan did. Notice a pattern? Once women figure out who owes them loyalty, we’ll be much wiser, much more rational.


I know a couple of Kardashian stans, and PSA I don’t care if this bothers you.  This small petty incident is yet another situation that lets little black girls all across America know what the world thinks of them.  Although this situation seems not this deep, all the resentment felt for Jordyn by the KUWTK Klan did not appear overnight. It was the built up resentment of being an authentic black woman in America, which is something they’ve always wanted to be.

This situation is a working model of how easily White America will not hesitate to black ball anyone they feel steps out of their place. With that being said, ask yourself “why?” the next time something so small seems so large!


20 year old sophomore from little rock. mass media arts major, political science minor at clark atlanta university.