Jumping Back Into the Semester After Spring Break

It’s the second half of the semester and it seems like life’s beginning to draaaaaaag. Daylight Savings time has come around and that week out of school has us all over the place. It feels like it’s harder than ever to wake up for our 9 AM classes and we’re somehow missing assignments that have been on blackboard for months. Or, we’re submitting them late for partial credit. As a collegiate that takes pride in academic excellence, that’s pretty much unacceptable!

It’s so hard to get up some mornings, but a productive day starts with a good night's rest. No more late nights partying in Miami. It’s time to finish the semester out strong. As a senior, some of us are putting in even more hours applying for jobs or finishing up our graduation clearance requirements. It all sounds like a big headache, but it starts with a to-do list. Write it all out, and cross off each thing that gets done. Take time to celebrate the small accomplishments like completing assignments or waking up on time for class each day.

It feels like all of the classes we have left are monotonous, especially because I'm a senior. Do we really need to hear about the same formulas or brand strategies over and over? Maybe we can skip Thursday’s class if we went on Tuesday… Think again. Keep in mind that these classes aren’t always free (Some people were fortunate enough to have full rides, but not all of us). Attending class means learning something new or communicating with someone that will lead you to a possible connection that you never had. Attend those last minute events on campus. The summer is approaching and time away from campus is, just, different. So, take advantage of the little things. We’re all going to miss it!

Instead of late nights alone in your dorm or apartment, what about quality time with your college bffs? Study sessions together in the library, getting snatched together in the gym, a good meal in the cafe; it all makes the semester worth it.

Try to think positively about this second half of the semester. It’s not a total drag if you spend your time wisely!