Jasmine Jordan Shares Her Love for Music, Her Awareness for Mental Health & Her Upcoming Project.

Through the screen, Jasmine Jordan is just as beautiful as her pictures. What spoke stronger than her beauty was her mind and music process. The Los Angeles based artist took us through the meaning of her new song, “Release," her devotion to music, and how she copes with anxiety. 

 Being a military baby, she moved around but calls Washington state her home. Music has been her passion since she was little. Jordan recalls her earliest music memory saying, “I remember being little and trying to sing along to New Edition in the bathtub." The time that she recalls knowing that music was her passion as in high school. After accidentally being apart of her school’s production of Les Misérables, she went through much hardcore practice and criticism. Those blocks helped to build a strong foundation for the big musical drive she has today. She names Mariah Carey as her inspiration and how her voice and lyrical ability is what makes her the “IT” girl for her. 

This talented artist holds many titles like daughter, friend, feminist and activist. The one title we thoroughly discussed was a singer-songwriter. Jordan talked about her new single, “Release” and how it came about. The 2:56 minute song talks about her personal battles with anxiety. The background vocals float through the track carrying a message of just asking to be free which she defines as being a state of peace and acceptance. Jordan recounts how she always knew she was an anxious person but after it manifested into different parts of her life mentally and physically is when she truly owned up to the idea. It was not until recently that she started to embrace her relationship with anxiety by calling it what it was and finding coping mechanisms. Jordan said she could have easily written about love but chose anxiety because she wanted people to relate, to know they’re not alone. “As I continued writing it [Release], I wanted whoever to relate to it rather it’s like depression, anxiety, self-doubt, fear…” and that message is beautifully portrayed through what many might call a self-love anthem. “Release” is a step toward taking away the negative stigma around mental health.  Jasmine says the biggest gift she could have given to herself was therapy. She says she had always heard friends talking about the topic, but it took her a little longer to actually start going. Once she did though she enjoyed it heavily and it opened her mind more. She also said how she is a person that is not shy to deep conversations with herself, but therapy helped “connect the dots” by giving her the tools to do so. Her faith and friends are a part of those coping tools. 

Jasmine Jordan gave us a little scoop into what is next with her and what she wants in her future. When asked who she would love to work with she says Pharrell with the quickness! To her, he is a fun producer with a great ear for challenging and bringing out a different part of an artist. Jordan names her dream Music trio being Pharrell for producing, Big Sean for a rap feature and Lizzo for a hook (honestly, that sounds heavenly and hopefully, we get to see it in the near feature). In the next five years, Jordan sees herself still following her passion for music and taking it to the Tv and movie screens. She also sees herself with a husband but has not decided on a location. Everything in her five-year plan is a part of leveling up and pushing the message of her “SMILE” brand that talks about extending the grace to others. Although those things may seem far, in 2020 she has the plan to release one more single titled “To the Moon” and then dropping the project, “Inner Mission”- discussing her journey of life, love, and self through the last five years-  in early December. Accompanying the project will also be a documentary documenting the process of the soon to come project. 

To listen to Jasmine Jordan’s new song “Release” you can do so on any digital platform. To keep up to date with her follow her on Instagram @therealjasminej. This young, fierce, talented being has so much in store for the music world.