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Jamilha Watson, Miss Senior 2015-2016

NAME: Jamilha Lamaj Watson



MAJOR: Biology

IG & TWITTER: _FlightClubMami

WHAT INSPIRES YOU: My younger brother inspires me to be an exceeding and successful person. Seeing him pushes me to do all things with a greater purpose. 

ONE THING YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT: My lipgloss! Christian Dior lip polish: it literally goes great with everything.

SHORT-TERM GOALS : To leave a lasting, influential reign as Miss Senior and become an alum at our beloved institution.

LONG-TERM GOALS: To use my biology degree as the background for me becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken Wings


HOBBIES: Reading, Sketching, Watching Movies

FAVORITE HANGOUT SPOT: My home, with all my friends!

WHY CAU: For one, I needed a change of space. I knew that I didn’t want to be in an area that was too southern, and I knew I didn’t want to be too far from home. So I searched for somewhere I could be comfortable, somewhere where I could feel at home… and I came across Clark Atlanta University.

ORGANIZATIONS ON CAMPUS: Miss Clark Atlanta University & Her Royal Court

ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: If you have something that weighs heavy on your heart and mind, purse it no matter what anyone says. If it wasn’t for that piece of advice I wouldn’t be the King, well Queen, I am today.


WHAT WAS YOUR PLATFORM: K.I.N.G.M.E. – Keeping Individuals Noticed While GenuinelyMotivating Equality

WHAT EVENTS HAVE YOU DONE SO FAR AS MISS SENIOR: During the duration of the fall semester, I have had a community service event titled “A Day At The Club,” where the children at John H. Harland Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta were given homework help and rewarded with pizza and ice cream. I have also led the event “Detour” that was put on by Miss Clark Atlanta University & her Royal Court, which spoke on trials and tribulations that people have had on their journeys. My event “Treats from the Heart” was done for the Halloween holiday, where I donated festive items and candy to the local Boys & Girls Club.

WHAT YEAR WOULD YOU SAY WAS YOUR BEST YEAR AT CAU: Every year at CAU has been a great one! I really can’t pinpoint one single year that has been better than another.

AS A GRADUATING SENIOR, WHAT IS ONE MEMORY YOU WILL ALWAYS CHERISH: Hearing my name as they announced the successor for Miss Senior was and still is unbelievable to me. It was something that I wanted since my freshman year, and it really is a dream come true.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS/WHAT IS YOUR GOAL TO ACHEIEVE UPON GRADUATION: Upon graduation, I’ll just be preparing for graduate school. I have so much work to be done, and I feel as if I have to keep the heart and energy to keep it all going.

AS APART OF THE CAU ROYALCOURT, WHAT LEGACY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE FOR FUTURE/PROSPECTIVE WOMEN WHO WANT TO BE IN YOUR SHOES: Being Miss Senior is a significant and substantial part of the woman I am becoming. I would have never thought that in the short amount of time that I have had my crown that I would have learned and altered so much within myself. To all the young women who want to be Miss Senior, go for it! Be your complete self while doing so. So in other words, the legacy I want to leave is an “Open Queen Policy.” No matter what your views are, what color your skin is, what people say about you, who dislikes you, or in my case, what size you are… you are capable or being a queen! To whoever my successor may be, you will be welcomed into this legacy with open arms and adoration to be the best queen YOU possibly can.

Thanks so much to Jamilha Watson for being this week’s Campus Celebrity! Keep making a difference and paving the way for young queens on CAU’s campus. You are amazing!

Hey everyone, my name is Yasmyne Fisher. I'm currently the President/Co-Campus Correspondent at Clark Atlanta University. I am a graduating senior, majoring in Fashion Design. My passion is writing on what people want to read, whether it is fashion, pop culture, being black in America you name it I love giving my perspective of a college student to readers.
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