Intuition IS a Thing

Being in college, you run into to all types of people, from all different walks of life. Especially being in a place like the Atlanta University Center, you’re bound to be meet people from all over the country and maybe the world. These people all carry different background stories, different goals, and different worldviews, which culminate into their overall personality and is ultimately a major factor in the type of energy they exude.

While I was in high school,l I had a hard time listening to my intuition about certain people and certain situations because I wanted so badly to be right. When I entered College, I vowed to listen to that little voice inside my head and these are some of the precautions to protect my energy and the results have led to me being ultimately happier.

1.       Pay attention and acknowledge your emotions at all times.

It’s a commonly known fact that women often have an easier time communicating and understanding their feelings. Which is great, go us! Where we go wrong is by letting others invalidate our feelings due to a personal agenda they may have. The time for that has come to end.  Whether you speak on it, or not it is important to recognize that you’re feeling some way good or bad, confused or confident, FEEL IT WITH YO CHEST!

2.       Follow your gut feeling.

As a child, when I was learning to take standardized tests my teachers used to always say “the first answer you pick is usually right.” I’ve discovered that that advice that was given to me 15+ years ago still stands true. The way you feel about a situation the first time is usually the way you should go. If you feel confident about running for something or starting something new, or even a potential significant other, go with it. Even if it doesn’t necessarily go the way you expected it to. College is the only time you’re expected to make mistakes.

3.       Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you.

The decisions you make right now are going to affect your quality of life forever. I know this sounds really dramatic, but anybody with a 5-year plan knows how crucial these next couple of years can be. So yes, it is important to be there for others and help out your friends, do not put yourself in a compromising situation trying to do so. I had a hard time with this one for a long time because I was always taught to be a servant to others and that was the greatest reward in life. Which it still is, but a balance is key. So if that means you have to distance yourself from some people on the way to the top, so be it. Don’t be afraid cut out negative energy.

Ultimately, it's important to learn to trust yourself. Especially now, while we’re still young. The decisions we make now are things we need to do on our own so, listen to that little voice in your head, do that thing you’ve been trying to talk yourself out of, and protect your energy at all costs.