Introducing Darius Moore: Buisness Major At Clark Atlanta University

Her Campus CAU had the opportunity to interview Darius Moore. Darius is a Business major at Clark Atlanta University, has his own radio show and is very involved on campus. We discussed his career goals, accomplishments as well as his journey to CAU. Keep reading to get a better understanding of our CAU man at hand!

 HC: Hi Darius! Please introduce yourself and give a little background information for the readers 

What's good I am Darius Roddy-Moore. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I came to Clark by way of Dallas, TX; I moved there with my mom at 15 years old. I'm not super sure if I'm an introvert or extrovert. It honestly just depends on how I'm feeling that day yet I can be both at the same time. I am very ambitious, generous, and humble. 

 HC: Why did you choose to study business?

Business Marketing was the easiest way to become the Sports Agent that I was researching in High School, so I made the decision to take the business route probably my Junior year. I used to really be intrigued with becoming a sports agent because I knew I wouldn't play sports in College or after at all. I took inspiration from people like Rich Paul, LeBron James' agent, due to the fact that he was independent and he does what he loves. I only wanted to work with something I have a passion for. To be behind the scenes of great things is definitely a goal. 

 HC: Any ideas on what you plan on doing with your degree after you graduate?

At the rate I'm going I don't truly believe I'll land solely in the field of business, but I do intend to get my degree in Business Marketing. I've been dealing with a lot of media lately from small acting pieces to modeling in my first fashion show and now my own radio show. I would love to capitalize off of those things more than anything. So with a Business Marketing degree, I think I'll be in media which is probably hilarious to everyone around me. 

HC: What’s an accomplishment that you’re most proud of? 

Wow! This one should be the easiest question of all to answer yet it's so hard. I would definitely say coming to college! This has been my biggest dream since I was in 1st grade. Living by USC (University of Southern California) and watching those college kids live their best life seemed amazing. My parents always preached higher education to me because they had the opportunity and didn't take advantage due to having what they thought was a stable income in their early 20's.

They always told me they would have a better life essentially if they got a college degree and I knew for a fact from such a young age that I wanted a better life not only for myself, but for my wife, children, and generations to come. I truly believed that this would be the foundation to the lifestyle I want, so being here is without a doubt the accomplishment I'm most proud of.

 HC: What’s your radio show “ What’s Next” about? 

"What's Next?" is about whatever and however we're feeling on the day of the show. Grabbing inspiration from Russell Westbrook's motto of "Why Not?" because I feel like you should always be your biggest critic as well as your biggest hype man. That comes with asking yourself questions and mine every day is "What's Next?"

Like I know I can do better and this isn't the end, so what's after this. Also grabbed inspiration from Travis Scott and his latest album Astroworld. Like I've always been infatuated by outer-space! Which is why every flyers concept is pretty much a rocket or something not of the world maybe in outer-space or another planet. It symbolizes that what we see is not the limit in my eyes. The sky and the surface we see from here is not the limit. There is so much more beyond that and I just know it's beautiful. I implemented that into my own life and it's one of many factors that pushes me every day. 

HC: Do you make a conscious decision on what’s talked about on the show?

We rarely make a conscious decision prior to 2 P.M. honestly. When Hector and I get in there we just feed off of each other and go with the flow. I have started to become more proactive in what is played on the show especially depending on the guest that's coming. If it's a producer I will play a lot of maybe Kanye and Pharrell just depend on where they are from, but those are some of my favorite producers. Or if we invite ladies onto the show then I may do females in Hip Hop or R & B. The conversation is easier when I know what I'm playing. I hate to play music that you hear every day on the radio though, so I definitely reach outside of the box and get those great records and hidden gems. 

HC: You’re very involved on campus. Why do you think campus involvement is important ?

I honestly just got involved this year. My freshman was very dull honestly because if I wasn't in class, I was in the library, and only back in my room to shower and sleep for a few hours. Let me not say dull because my friends will be mad man, but I wasn't involved as a freshman. My second semester I told myself that I wanted to change that and set myself up for many leadership roles coming in as a sophomore.

I feel as if it's very important to be involved because you don't want to just get this degree and look back to say," I didn't have a college experience." I never ever wanted that, I want my peers, companies, and self to know like "hey I can add something new to my plate every single week and continue to remain balanced in all aspects of life."

Being involved promotes your personal brand, so you begin to network and meet great people. I surround myself with great people all across the board and I know they will all be successful whether they get a degree or not due to their work ethic from people like Hector, Xavier, Dareus, Justin, Tyrone, and Sam to people like Jalyn, Trenise, AB, Troya, Tia, Aretha, Yas, and Kayla. These people make sure that when my head is down maybe after a long day that it remains lifted and honestly I wouldn't be where I am right now without their presence in my life. And the energy is reciprocated. 

 HC: Would you agree that the activities you’re engaged in are preparing you for the professional world once you graduate?

I definitely believe that everything I'm doing will prepare me for my endeavors after graduation. I've learned so much throughout this process and not so much scholastically, sorry mom, but more so in life. You know work ethic and self-growth. Self Love! That's a big one. Coming from a city where everyone just stays in their own lane and runs their own race has helped more than anything because the ones that dip into everyone else's stuff usually don't become successful and I've seen it with my own eyes. I'm extremely excited for May 2021 and everything after that. College has always been a dream and I checked it off the list because I'm here, so now I'm definitely ready for what I'm about to do in this world regardless of what anyone has to say. All the people I named previously and I have and will leave a mark on this campus once it's all said and done. We will be the influencers when people look up notable alumni; I stand by that and truly believe that.