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Introducing Bianca & Bridgette: CAU Alumnae Taking Atlanta By Storm With Their Mobile Boutique

Over the summer, Her Campus CAU got the chance to sit down with two powerful alumnae: Bianca and Bridgette Tatum. The twin duo graced the campus in 2009, gathering degrees that later carried them into a successful boutique business. Here’s their take on being #GirlBosses, The HBCU experience, along with their journey owning EightTwenty91. 

HC: Who are you? Where are you from?

B&B: We are twin sisters, originally of LaGrange, GA!

HC: What made you choose CAU? What was your major? 

Bianca: I chose Clark for many reasons! Location, history, and most importantly, CAU was one of few schools in the south that had a Fashion Merchandising track. I received my BA in Fashion Merchandising in 2013. In 2016, I came back and completed my MBA, marketing concentration.

Bridgette: I chose CAU because I really enjoyed the campus tour when I toured as a senior in high school. I received my BA in psychology in 2013.

HC: What were you involved in on/off-campus?

Bianca: I was apart of the Pre-Alumni council.  In 2011-12, I served as Miss United Negro College Fund. I am also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, by way of the “SWEET” Alpha Pi chapter. Spr. 2012

Bridgette: I was a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and Golden Key International Honor Society.

HC: When did you start you business? How has it changed over time?

We started our business in the fall of 2012, originally as Liz & Bee Online Boutique. It has evolved as our clientele evolved and as our lives grew as women. We catered specifically to the college woman. As we have transitioned to motherhood, careers, and ‘adulting’,  our taste transitioned as well! 

HC: Did your CAU/HBCU education prep you well to own your business?

CAU cultivated the spirit of the GRIND. It also allowed us to establish and maintain connections with people all over the country and the globe. CAU taught us about the hustle and competition and gave us a level playing field with our peers.   

HC: What advice could you offer to young entrepreneurs? 

Our biggest advice is always GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! Lol. Research is key if you don’t know the questions to ask, a good question to ask is: “What questions should a new entrepreneur ask”. But on a serious note, we encourage all entrepreneurs to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. It’s not easy, it’s not always happy moments but with diligence and discipline, you can attain your dreams.  7. Do you offer any assistance to aspiring Boss Babes or HBCU graduates in general? 

Absolutely! We are currently looking for an intern and an employee to begin their career with us. We are looking for a salesperson to drive our truck around and sell our items and gain experience in merchandising, selling and being an entrepreneur. 


8. How can people keep up with you? 

Insta, of course. @eighttwenty91

Twitter: @eighttwenty91


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Miranda is a Junior Mass Media Arts Major Print Journalism Concentration at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Miranda is looking to write for the politically conscious, fashion-forward, and everyone in between. Feel free to connect with her via social media as well as through LinkedIn!
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