I Went To Soul Cycle And This Is What Happened

I did it. I drank the soul cycle kool-aid and loved it, something I’d never thought I’d say.

For those unfamiliar, Soul Cycle is a cycle studio with locations around the U.S. After a few weeks of working out I finally dared to try out one of the most talked about and trendiest fitness studios. Initially, I had my reservations since Soul Cycle is known for being “culty” amongst the Lulu lemon wearing fitness gurus and celebrities. It’s also pretty expensive for a college student like myself.

 I avoided working out for years out of the fear of being judged for doing things the wrong way, so it took a lot of courage to go into soul cycle, a place that’s known for chewing you up and spitting you out. To sign up for my class, I downloaded the app to browse through categories and instructors that appealed to me. Low and behold I found something that caught my attention. It was an 8:30 am hip hop class on a Sunday at their Buckhead location in Atlanta, Ga. This was perfect. It was early enough so that I wouldn’t miss my church service that starts promptly at 11 am. When I workout I love listening to hip hop music I can zone out and forget about the excruciating pain and agony my body and muscles feel which also made the hip hop theme my best option. First-time riders get a discounted first ride and free shoe rental. After the first visit, each ride will cost $30 with a $4 shoe rental. I paid the $20 and mentally prepared myself for what I can describe as the most magical and painful experience of my life. When you sign up for classes, you can pick your bike, so I chose to sit in the third row. It was not too far back so I could see the instructor but close enough for me to feel like I should push myself since I would be in front of people. I studied the online videos making sure I knew every position and anything else I needed to know so I wouldn’t feel lost.When I arrived at the studio 15 minutes early, I was greeted and informed the associates that it was my first time. They showed me around the studio which features lockers for everyone, a soul cycle merchandise corner, shower stations, bathrooms and water fountains for everyone free of charge. I filled out my waiver forms and followed the instructors in so that could help me adjust my bike. The room was dimly lit and pretty warm. After a few minutes, the instructor came into the class, and the session started. We were given cues to turn our bike resistance up or down (which gives the feeling of going up or down a hill) and began to groove to the hip hop music blasting in the speakers.

Here’s what you’d expect at your typical soul cycle class: The class consisted of 4 sections. The first section was Pretty much a warm-up (although it didn’t feel like one!) the second and third consists of sprints and body movements. Followed by workouts with weights, sprinting it out and then calm down, meditation and stretch off of the bike to finish. I would recommend this to anyone looking to challenge themselves, but beware of how expensive it is. Just think if I or anyone else wanted to take classes for a month, it would cost up to $800, and that’s not including the $4 shoe rental you have to pay with every visit. At the end of my ride, I was gasping for air, my arms and legs felt like boiled spaghetti noodles which for some weird reason felt terrific. Soul Cycle is worth the experience. It's a total adrenaline rush and I see why so many people love it; however the price is ridiculous, and a membership status doesn't exist. Go once if you can to experience everything that is Soul Cycle, you won't regret it.