I Hate Lil Pump — Here’s Why

Rap's young guns are here to stay. No matter how you slice it, newcomers like SmokePurpp, Ski Mask, & 6ix9ine have made it clear that this is their time. One of the key differences today in rap is that popularity plays a crucial part in your success regardless of talent which is why these young rappers are doing so well, although most of them have a distinct sound or skill that separates them from their peers. But like I said, popularity is everything no matter what you do which has helped propel so many cancerous celebrities into the mainstream. Don’t believe me? Here’s 17 year old rapper “ Lil Pump” kicking a tv just cuz “essketit.”



Being that he’s popular to the point where he literally has kids in other countries trying to be a damn near clone of him; mimicking his style, music, and even his reckless personality, its obvious that Lil Pump has a hold on todays youth. And while many rappers make it clear that they aren’t role models because of their dark past which they had no control over, I have a strong suspicion that Pump doesn’t have that same problem as he is just what I like to call, a bad ass little kid. And what I’ve been told about his maturity and his music is the same thing I was told about Donald Trump which was, “give him a chance.” I didn’t before and my position isn’t changing anytime soon. My reasoning for this is that it’s reckless to the point where kids will see this and it could actually shape them negatively being that immaturity is something that they both have yet to escape — and without the proper guidance I don’t think that they will.

Now you can see where my dislike stems from but it doesn’t just lie there. I’m a firm believer that music doesn’t have to always have a deeper meaning to it and that it can be meant for listeners to enjoy and have fun. But where the content of the song might not be up to par, the quality of the song in general has to meet a certain standard, to which his definitely doesn’t. With an overflow of bass, vocabulary of about 79 words, wrapped up in a repetitive drugged up bow where every song is literally about nothing adds up to a top 3 song in the world. Some might say you can’t hate on success, but I will just because for lack of a better word “essketit.” Because while he deserves all of his money, it seems that he might not have as much longevity as he’d hope for. So with that being said, there is a minimal chance that he could possibly turn into something worthwhile, but for the time being, Lil Pump sucks.