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I Got in The Know & Regret It: My Experience with the Diva Cup

My interest in menstrual cups has been no secret. In fact, I’ve researched the topic on various occasions and even wrote an informational piece about it this past December. The more information I found, the more eager I was to try the product myself. Personally, the pros simply outweigh the cons of this product. 


As a campus correspondent for CAU’s chapter, I receive all the packages from the headquarters of Her Campus. Ever won any of the sponsorship products from our giveaways? Yup, I receive those goodies right at my doorstep. 

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This particular package was similar to a Christmas morning, even though it was March. I instantly noticed the dazzling purple and pink box inside. One of the sponsored products was the Diva Cup – a well-known brand in the menstrual cup industry.  So, what do you do on a Christmas morning? You rip your new gifts open, and that’s exactly what I did. 


When you first open the box, the menstrual cup comes with a small box of guidelines and frequently asked questions. Most importantly, it explains how to properly use, clean, and care for the product. The first step was to boil the cup 5 – 10 minutes before usage. Next, I was shown 2 methods to make inserting the cup a smooth process. The first method is described as the U-Fold. It simply requires you to push the sides of the cup inward to form a u-shape. On the other hand, there is the Push Down Fold. This method requires you to push the top rim of the cup inward, “to create a triangle.” By examining the pictures given in the user guide, I could instantly tell the U-Fold was the one I needed to master.


To my luck, my cycle would be starting in the next few days. Those days passed slowly, egging on my anxiety and frustration. It was the final countdown before I could make the switch to this sustainable product! I spent those days racking my brain with different expectations. Additionally, I made sure to practice the U-Fold repeatedly. I didn’t want any problems, especially while inserting the product. Along with the booklet was a small bag, essentially to carry the cup on-the-go, and the cup itself.


Looking back, I can laugh at the irony. It turns out inserting the product was my biggest problem and still is. The first day of my cycle was Thursday. I struggled so much that I called a quits to regroup and practice some more. Friday was forecasted as my day of celebration and triumph.


The next morning I proceed to boil the cup again. I then retreated into my room and spent a good 20 – 30 minutes struggling once again. However, the determination was there and I did end up celebrating – well sorta. The cup was in but something felt off. I still can’t describe what was wrong, but I’m sure it was a user error. Do you remember the first time you used a tampon? Everyone telling you that it was a feeling you had to “get used to.” Well, that’s what I spent my Friday doing, getting used to this cup. 


That Saturday came and left. There was still discomfort, but I couldn’t admit defeat. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t! This was a product I raved about to all the women in my life, so my pride needed this victory, or I would never stop hearing “I told you so,” or, “remember when you tried that cup?” 


Unfortunately, the discomfort was so bad that my pride flew out the window the next day. My switch back to tampons was quick and steady on Sunday. In other words, Diva Cup – 1 and Da’Zhane – 0. 


Although this is probably not the product for me, I believe it is for some women out there. There is still a piece of my heart that wishes to be one of those sustainable women, however, my experience was just not worth it. Like I stated before, the pros definitely outweigh the cons! I love Diva Cup’s concept on paper. To my ladies, get the cup, master your fold, and don’t hesitate to tell me how it goes!



Da'Zhane Johnson is a Junior at Clark Atlanta University. She often finds herself eagerly waiting in a Starbucks line, or happily looking for new coffee orders to add to her collection. Her major is Mass Media Arts with a hard concentration in journalism, so in her spare time, she's usually writing. To read more of her articles, check her out on Instagram @bydazh!
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