How My Transition into College REALLY Went!

Never would I have ever thought that the summer before college, came with a roller coaster of emotions. Of all of the books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, advice I had received… nobody ever told me that my emotions would fluctuate as much as they did. I was happy, confused, stressed, and nervous all at the same time it seemed like. Maybe I was overthinking college, and put too much energy into something I should have let  flow naturally. But, the thing is… I like to be (overly) prepared for all situations I’m (possibly) going to be put in. I was ready to leave for college at one point in time then I had thoughts of staying home the next, I was a hot discombobulated mess! Everyone’s experience is different, so, here’s how mine went:

STAGE ONE: I got accepted!

I woke up, nervous  (literally, shaking in my boots), a tad bit of doubtful with the sprinkle of  “Jalondra you got this!”. As a few hours went by, I finally heard the mailman outside… I jumped up and greeted him at the door, he handed me a large white envelope. As I grabbed it, my heart dropped and I was on the verge of tears— I was seriously like, “what if I didn’t get in?!” (overthinking per usual), but as I ripped it open, it read… “Dear Jalondra, congratulations…” that’s all I needed to see, as soon shoulders dropped and for some reason I just started jumping. As weeks went by, my acceptance was all I thought about, every day. I was stalking YouTube channels of those that currently attended CAU  and I was unhealthily binging “CAU…” titled videos. I was so elated to finally be making this step towards my dream career.

STAGE TWO: There’s no place like home!

Around the end of June, all of July… I was getting jitters. I had already read/watched every CAU article/video there was. It wasn’t anything for me to focus on at the time, except for what exactly am I going to do without my mom. It was crazy how fast my emotions shifted. Confusion and stress, the two main emotions I felt around this time. I had just knew that it would be horrible for me to live on my own, without my mom! Growing up, I was “coddled” as my mom would say. I wouldn’t call it spoiled but, my mom did everything for me. So, when move-in day was on it’s way in about in one month, I was in a panic. I started to realize how much I was going to miss home. I was scared to leave what I knew as my comfort zone.

STAGE THREE: Creating my reality!

The time is now! I finally made it to Clark Atlanta University and it’s totally different than what I imagined. I haven’t cried yet, I do miss home but I also understand that I’m here for a reason. I’m here to work towards my future career. Plus it’s not that bad… personally, I feel that once you meet some cool people (maybe 3 to 4) stick with them, explore where you currently are. Get out there. Do your work, because there are 11:59 PM due dates that do sneak up!         

The image that society puts up of the transition from high school to college, is completely bogus. Of course, everyone’s experience is different but I really don’t recommend thinking this whole process is unicorns and rainbows like I did. Also, don’t overthink anything… let it all flow naturally, campus life is much more different than than the idea you formed in your mind, the summer before.