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How to Balance a Healthy Social, School, and Dating Life



      Dating in college can be difficult for anyone. Balancing classes, loads of homework, extracurricular activities and a social life makes it seem nearly impossible. This article will give you a few ideas on how to focus on balancing your time, date night plans, and overall advice for making your college experience even better. If you happen to meet a cutie while getting some food in the cafe, walking to classes, or even talking on the promenade there’s probably several thoughts running through your head. You’re probably thinking “Man, they’re pretty cute but how can I talk to them but also make sure I’m on top of my school work?” or maybe “I don’t have the time for dating with all the extra things I’m doing plus school.” but you have many options. How you decide to use and handle these are all up to you.

       First things first, never force a relationship. If it happens it will happen by chance. If it is meant to be, it WILL be. Texting and making time for one another will come with it. If your two schedules don’t correlate you BOTH should put in extra time to work it out or leave it alone. If you feel like it is one sided have a conversation with that person to fix it or move on. It is also a major key to make time for your school work because it is super important. You pay so much money to attend school so it should be your number one focus. Perhaps if your cutie asks you on a date for Friday night, Wednesday buckle down and do all of your homework for the weekend and maybe even next week to clear your schedule up a bit. You should also make time for your friends. Make sure that you at least meet up to go for lunch at the cafe with your friends once a week. You could even go get coffee or plan a study session at your library. Get caught up on everyday life with them. It’s easier to have a friend kiki in the middle of the day anyway. That way if it’s not date night you can study and catch up on a few shows. Dealing with extracurriculars to add to this mixture; I suggest keeping a planner. You’ll know what event is when, where the event will be held, and what attire you should wear. It’s pretty much simple.

       Heres a few cute date ideas that will help your get work done but can also be very fun if you’re determined to work hard. The first date idea is maybe meeting at the library. Sitting on the level that you can be a bit loud, can eat at, and have a study session. While you’re studying during your breaks you can play cute little games such as twenty-one questions to get to know one another better. If you’re bit of a rigorous study partner don’t worry! Reserve a study room in advance, place all the books you both need to study from, and after you study make study cards for one another. This way you can study and have fun by quizzing each other. If you mess up you can be held responsible for your mistakes. For an actual fun date night, go to a bowling alley. They have food there so that’s convenient and also you can have enough time to talk and get to know one another better without being interrupted or asked to be quiet. If you are low on funds go to a park or go for a hike and see what nature has to offer.

      There are several ways that you can build a relationship with that someone special, focus on your school work, and be social in college. However, it takes a lot of devotion and patience  that will come along with it. While school work comes first you do not want to make the ones you want to impress any less important than your work. As well as maintaining your dating life DO NOT forget about your friends. They will always be there for you when things go and get tough or for some of your more glorious moments in life. Always remember the sacrifices you are making in order to get your education. School will not wait for anyone, and if you somehow get behind it will only be you to blame. It is important in college to have a balanced and planned life for all of your adventures that will follow ahead.


Hey, my name is Demetri Dulaney. I am currently a sophomore at Clark Atlanta University. I'm from Columbus, Ohio and I am nineteen years old. I am a writer for HerCampus. I am a Mass Media Arts major with a concentration in Journalism.
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