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The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies of Atlanta, are back for season 11! Not all the ladies returned, but there are some new peach holders. Kenya Moore is sadly no longer a part of the show and neither is Kim Zolciak or Sheree Whitfield, but top model Eva Marcille and Blaque member Shamari DeVoe, have joined the cast. Episode one was a nice start to the season. It definitely left me wanting more, but let’s talk about these taglines. Each person’s tagline made perfect sense after watching the episode, except for Shamari’s of course, since she wasn’t introduced yet. 

Nene Leakes: “I am the glue for my wig and my family”

Nene has to be the glue for her family while her husband, Gregg Leakes, is sick. Last season we saw Gregg struggle some with his health. He was having heart problems, but before the start of this season, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. In Nene and Gregg’s first scene, they are surrounded by some family and friends and Gregg opens up about what was going through his head before he went into a surgery he’d previously had. Gregg begins to cry as he talks about a letter he wrote to give to his family, just in case he didn’t make it out of his surgery. It was hard to see him sad, especially since Gregg is usually upbeat when we get a chance to see him on screen. It was nice that he was willing to be vulnerable. Both Nene and Gregg are strong individuals and, with patience and prayer, they will surely make it through. 

Porsha Williams: “I took a left turn but now, things are just right”

At the end of last season’s reunion, Porsha claimed that she would be engaged by the end of the year, the other ladies laughed of course, but if you follow Porsha on social media, you’d know that she spoke it into existence. The season starts off with her introducing her new boo, Dennis McKinley. Last season, Porsha was in a lot of drama with the other ladies, but she is clearly happy with her new boo and just focused on getting the ring. Porsha and Dennis go ring shopping in one of the scenes, so she knows the proposal is coming, the question is just when? 

Kandi Burruss: “I count my blessings and my checks”

Now we all know Kandi Burruss stays with a check! Kandi is the definition of a “boss lady.” Kandi’s group, XSCAPE, is being honored at the ASCAP awards, which is nice. Last season they’d just got back together, and they’re already receiving new awards. Kandi brings up the idea of having more kids and her daughter, Riley, quickly shuts that down. She feels that Kandi works too much and is never home. Kandi always says how much she loves to work, so we’ll see this season if she’ll lessen her workload and try to have another baby, or keep up the multiple jobs. 

Cynthia Bailey: “I age like fine wine, and now I am ready to chill”

Last season, Cynthia had a new boo, and the ladies had a lot of tea on him. That relationship ended. This season Cynthia has a whole new boo, they’ve been seeing each other, long distance, for three months. They seem to be going strong. Hopefully this is the one. I’m sure Cynthia is ready to settle down.

Eva Marcille: “I live a model life, now I’m ready to be a top wife”

Eva is the newest peach holder. Last season she was a friend of the show and she meshed well with the ladies. Eva just had her baby and is now focusing on planning her wedding, which is right around the corner. I’m interested to see her as a full time cast member and watch her storyline unfold. 

Shamari DeVoe: “I may be an open book, but that does not mean I am easily read”

Shamari wasn’t on this episode, but it has already been said that she will be a peach holder and the tea is, she is a wild child. Ready to see what she brings to the franchise. 


Here’s a quick recap:

Last season, Porsha and Nene were not friends, Nene repeatedly said “The door is closed!” Well, towards the end of last season and the start of this season, we can see that the door has opened, thankfully. The two are back on good terms and are back to being great sister friends. I wish I could say the same for Porsha and Kandi, but at least they’re “cordial.” Nene has a comedy show in Miami, and Porsha’s boyfriend planned a Miami getaway for her birthday weekend. Porsha decided to invite all of the girls so that they could surprise Nene at her show and uplift her spirits. Porsha had to call to invite Kandi…..awkward. That scene was funny because it was too awkward not to laugh. Kandi and Porsha’s relationship is still on the rocks, but it seems to be getting a bit better seeing as Kandi agreed to go on the Miami trip. Moving on to Eva and her shade; during her family photo shoot, she threw a little fun shade towards Cynthia about being an older model. Also she mentioned that her daughter’s step dad is the only dad her daughter knows…*sips tea*. Kevin McCall (the biological daddy) is not going to be too happy when he sees that. The first episode did good with showing us where all the ladies are currently at in their lives and what we can expect for the rest of the season. The episode ended with what we think is Porsha getting proposed to. We won’t know until next Sunday because they hit us with that “To be continued.” All I can say is, this season will be full of good times, relationships, and, of course, shade.

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