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Horror Movies to Watch this Spooky Season

Watching horror movies that get underneath your skin has become a Halloween tradition leading up to the creepy occasion. We watch these sorts of movies for the frightful rushes of adrenaline that they bring out of us. Here are a couple of classic movies to ensure gives you goosebumps this spooky season: 

The Cabin in The Woods (2012) – Focusing on five teenagers going to visit a lodge, blood and gore movies does not get as twisty as this one. 

Carrie (1976) – Dealing with a teenage girl who is always harassed at school and manhandled at home by her excessively strict mother, Carrie is another bloody and gory movie. The film has an almost sickening form, and the high school’s prom is one of the most scandalous scenes in sickening scary movie history. 

The Conjuring (2013) – The Conjuring is as vintage and classic as a thriller can get. Depending almost on no gore, it’s serious plot utilizes the setting of an old house. A film so uneasy that chuckling comes not from lightheartedness but as an arrival of your anxiety. 

First Light of the Dead (1978) – Everybody’s dream place to be during a zombie apocalypse is a shopping center, and this film uses that setting to its fullest. A mix of a parody and a gorefest, it has all the ridiculous savagery that you would ever need from a film about the undead. 

The Exorcist (1973) – Often called “the scariest movie at any point made,” it’s not hard to oppose this idea. Back during its initial viewing, viewers hurled, went hysteric, and even blacked out while they watched it. Notwithstanding the endless horrors that this film has persevered through, its fear has not reduced in the smallest. The violent impacts and upsetting plot helps make a room chilling. 

Halloween (1978) – Michael Myers is potentially the most famous of all. The quiet man who slaughtered his sister when he was only a child comes back to the location of the murder to unleash more destruction. Halloween could easily be viewed as the father of all advanced blood and gore movies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – The idea that even in your fantasies a maniac with a hook glove can find and murder you is anything but a concerning one. Freddy Krueger is another frightful symbol, for his terrifying appearance, but also for his clever jokes. Obviously, it’s somewhat difficult to resist seeing this one. 

The Silence of the Lambs (1991) – Most individuals recollect this film as a result of one man-eater named Hannibal, who likes to eat individuals’ livers. While he is an astounding character, the film’s actual adversary must not be overlooked. Buffalo Bill is as yet perhaps the creepiest character made in any medium, and he just makes this film even more frightening. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – A gory film that can be named as the main slasher movie, the film of its sort that would generate thousands more. Steady anguishing screams because of those being pursued by a maniac is as gory as a slasher film will get. 

It (1990/2017/2019) – Killer clowns are profoundly undesirable creatures, yet the current year’s change of the 1990 film has brought them again into the standard. The film exhibits the on-screen characters that play Pennywise, as well as a group of kids that provide a few chuckles. 

Throughout the spooky season, it is blasphemous to not watch a horror movie. 

Jeydah is a Sophomore Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. Jeydah is a proud New Jerseyan and has a blog of her own entitled, "JeydahFromJersey" You can usually find her exploring the "hot spots" of the city of Atlanta, traveling, or cooking delicious empanadas on campus. She is well known for her inviting personality and contagious smile. Some of her favorite topics to write about is her everyday experiences as an Afro Latina, travel destinations, and HBCU culture.
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