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The Horrid Love Life of a College Girl Pt.1

Earlier this week I was sitting in a dim-lit room, with two of my closest friends, catching up on all of the latest tea from our not-so-boring, young adult lives. I’ll give you a brief history lesson on our little trio. My cousin, Ana and I have lived in the same building, on the same floor, since we were around three or four years old. She is one of the few people who has seen me grow and evolve from the shy, soft-spoken little girl, to the loud, confident writer that I am today. Tahj and Ana became best friends sometime in Elementary school and has been inseparable since. They are two of my closest confidantes, so they know quite a bit about me. We talked about what normal teenage girls would talk about, pop culture, school, and the male species.

We discussed the not-so-progressive “developments” of our failing love lives and came across the pressing question… are we destined for wack love lives? I know what most of you guys may be thinking, “We’re too young to be worried about that”, “Girl, relax.”,or  “Wtf…”, and before you judge, just hear me out! I have spent approximately five years dealing with these low down, disrespectful, lying, manipulative boys. I have never in my life ended a relationship or situations on good terms. Every time it has been either intensely dramatic or downright explosive. I’ve been in all types of toxic relationships. Which is why I’m writing this article today… I’ve been doing some research. Research on my life, my lovers, and my overall relationship chronicles. Welcome to, The Horrid Love Life of a College Girl Pt.1.

The first thing I did was put together a list of all of the semi-relevant men that have made it into my life and left it. Next, I jotted down everything I could remember about each of these young men, physical features that drew me to them, personalities, pros and cons, their signs.

Let's start with Jordan. I met Jordan outside of school, at a program that I attended on the weekends for most of my high school career. I never really noticed him before. I tried to stay around familiar faces mostly and he wasn’t one of them. The day I met him, my program decided to take us on a full day trip and we were packed onto buses. The charter buses were separated by grade, and fortunately, my close friends were on the same bus as I was. Jordan happened to be on the same bus just a row behind me in the next aisle with his friend. He tapped me lightly on the shoulder and asked for my mother. I didn’t show it because I’m literally too cool, but I was ridiculously flustered and if I hadn’t turned around as quick as I did he probably would’ve seen how red my cheeks were. Jordan was extremely handsome to me at the time, he had pretty brown skin, straight teeth, AND waves. Whew, chile the man of my adolescent dreams!

We had spent that whole day texting and secretly hanging out. We sat together on the four-hour bus ride back and did what most hormonal teenagers do, grope and kiss. I thought this boy was going to be my boyfriend guys, I really did. But once he got comfortable he started to let me see his true, weird, pervy personality. Jordan started to ask me to do things that I wasn’t even thinking about. Eventually, things got way too weird and I bolted the first chance I got. After ignoring his messages and pretending like he didn’t exist, I found out that he tried to mess with one of my friends and that he had a girlfriend. I left this situationship before it did too much damage, thankfully.

Jordan was the first and unfortunately not the last of many, many failed situationships. So the question prevails, am I really destined for a wack love life? Next week my research will continue with the introduction of the next man in my life, Dylan. 

(All names have been changed and some of the details of these experiences have been switched and mixed to keep those mentioned protected/anonymous).

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