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Here! Here! Black Friday is near!

It is now the end of November, which means that is the start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is this week, and after we get done having a fabulous feast with our families and friends is when all of the midnight chaos starts. If you have not guessed it yet, I am talking about Black Friday. For years, Black Friday has been known to be one of the busiest nights of the year. Almost every store in the U.S. are open for twenty-four hours with one day only deals and door busters. Normally, I hate Black Friday shopping with a passion. The stores are a mess, people are crazy, and the lines are always ridiculous. Last year, I went to Hilton Hedge in South Carolina and had the best experience ever. Now I am looking forward to Black Friday shopping this year. Considering that I am not really a “shopper” and shopping in general is not my favorite activity, there only a few stores that I want to hit up. My top three stores that I am looking forward to so far are :

  • Sephora: I was never a Sephora fan until this past year, but now I must go inside whenever I walk into a mall or outlet. Sephora has released some of their Black Friday deals and to be honest, they make perfect gifts for all makeup and skin care lovers. They have a lot of little kits that priced for lower than what they are valued. One thing that caught my attention was a Bare Minerals Face Color and Brush Duo that would be valued for $32 but for Black Friday, it is only $10! They also will have some deals that are only for those who use the app, so make sure to download the app. Hopefully, they will have some deals on lashes because those are my personal favorite.
  • True Religion: Once again, I was never a fan of this particular brand either simply because of the prices. I always thought to myself “who would spend hundreds of dollars on some jeans with a horseshoe on the booty? Like for real?” Since it was Black Friday and the line outside of the store was short, I decided to just hop in because there was no way I was actually going to buy something…but guess what? I was oh so wrong. The sale they had going on was GREAT. It was buy one, get one free everything and the jeans were all marked down. A pair of jeans that was originally like $200 was only like $70. I was shook af. They have not released their deals yet, I’m expecting the same for this year and I can’t wait.
  • Kate Spade: Okay, so unlike the other two, I am a fan of Kate Spade. I don’t know what it is about her purses, but for some reason I just loveeeee them. Every year Kate Spade has a major sale for Black Friday and the lines are always filled. Kate Spade has everything on sale for up to 75%. Sales like that only happens once a year, so if you don’t catch it then oops, try again next year boo.

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Born and raised in Covington,GA , Jayla Ores is a freshmen at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She is majoring in Mass Media with hopes of having her own talk show.
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