The Great Divide Amongst AUC Sistas

We're dipped in gold, glazed with honey, and sprinkled in magic-I'm talking about the black woman and specifically the women of the AUC! My sisters are loving, charismatic, and most of all brilliant goal diggers eagered to make change in the world. We uplift one another with phrases like, "yassss", "you better slay", and " your melanin is poppin sis", all of which spreads positivity and fills the void from the lack of appreciation of our male counterparts. Nevertheless, certain stereotypes and claims continue to drive a wrench between women supporting one another. While the seterotypical issues are not new to the AUC, we hope that this article will shed light on what really matter and to move closer to resloving the rivialry against CAU and Spelman women.

The Debate

Seemingly every college has a rivarly against that one school, whether its in sports, bands, greeks, and suprisingly the women. Unlike most colleges/universities, Clark Atlanta and Spelman are adjadent to one of the most respected all male institutions in the world, Morehouse College.   

The next topic that I heard was a topic that goes back ages. Light skin vs. Dark skin 

While I’d love to sit here and pretend that this isn’t an issue, it is. I’m a fairly light skin black woman and I do not ignore the fact that although I’m African American I have different privileges than my other sisters may face. Colorism is a real thing, especially while attending an HBCU. I have met girls who stick to being friends with people in their shades and I never understood that. Black women are beautiful no matter our shade; hair texture or mannerisms and I embrace each and every single one of us. I think this topic needs to be spoken on even more across HBCU and PWI campuses. The topic reflects on my original topic of why women simply look down on one another but I believe through time a reflection it’s definitely something that will get better. The problem with this topic is that a lot of us remain ignorant to the fact that it is a real problem. Let's take the example of the "Nice kind light skin friend and the rude and loud dark skin friend". This stereotype is featured on many television shows including "The Proud Family" and "Martin" to name a few.  The stereotype shows two friends, one which is lighter and the other darker. The portrayal these roles have and the effect is had on generations to come is a lot deeper than most would think. The first step in fixing this divide between your sisters is accepting the fact that the problem is there. 

The last topic I came across was simply that not everyone thinks exactly the way you do and that is okay!

I don’t think its okay to walk around with the attitude that you’re too good for anybody but at the same time, you should have confidence in yourself. It’s the concept of Bougie Vs. Confidence… and yes its spelled Bougie (bourgeoise)not Boujee.  At the end of the day for whatever reason this is happening, I challenge every girl to compliment five of her sisters per day. Truly… honestly, you could make someone’s day by simply hollering, “Yassss boo, Slay”.We will accept the fact that no matter where you come from or what your appearance may be that we are all in college with the goal of making it. We will accept love for ourselves and accept love onto our sisters and our brothers. There is already too much against African Americans and the rising generation for us to be having problems against each other too.