The Girl On Fire

There’s nothing more to say than Markeena Novembre is the girl on fire! Markeena is a singer, songwriter, and the founder of her own organization called Breaking the Cycle. Not only is she a hardworking dream chaser, who does not only chase her own dreams, but she encourages others to chase theirs as well.

Markeena is originally from New York but is currently a student at Clark Atlanta University. She often likes to say “Clark Atlanta chose me.” Furthermore, she shared that, in high school, she graduated with a 1.7 GPA. She was able to attend community college and transfer to Clark Atlanta after finishing a semester at community college. Markeena was able to start Breaking the Cycle at CAU and has done phenomenal work within her organization. She started her organization in order to help children within the school system beat the status quo. Markeena was inspired to start Breaking the Cycle mainly through her own experience in school. Additionally, she was inspired by her administrators decriminalizing students and uplifting them instead. Since starting her organization, Markeena has expanded to Howard University, Hampton University, Delaware State University, and Agnes Scott. Breaking the Cycle has hosted mission trips, dress and suit drives, and free hair and makeup for students going to their high school. Breaking the Cycle continues to make an impact on the students who attend the public schools in the surrounding area. 

When Markeena is not focused on her work with Breaking the Cycle, she is focused on her singing career. Markeena was introduced to singing at a young age being that her family always sung around her. She shared that in elementary school, she was singing a song in class when the teacher heard her and quickly invited other teachers to hear her talent. After that, the rest was history for Markeena and her musical ability. Markeena also explained that her inspiration for singing simply comes from her love for it. During this year’s Clark Atlanta Homecoming, Markeena was given the opportunity to perform on to occasions. Markeena was able to perform as an opening act for DaBaby during CAU’s Homecoming concert. Moreover, she believes that performing does not always come easily for her and that she has come to terms that she faces anxiety before each performance. However, Markeena has been able to blow the audience away with her beautiful voice.  Shortly after beginning college at Clark, Markeena tried her hand at songwriting. In the future, Markeena plans to begin recording her original song and, she wants to take her music career all the way! Markeena Novembre has definitely made her mark on Clark Atlanta’s campus. She holds a fire that she will never let burn out until her job is finished. Markeena’s goal to encourage young people that they can and will be somebody serves as an inspiration for many. Her determination to push forward has contributed to her success in great ways. She has big plans for the future in order to make a change in the Atlanta community. Her drive and passion is why she's the girl on fire here at CAU!