Getting To Know Kilo : One of Atlanta’s Hottest and Youngest Up and Coming Producer

At 20 years old, Atlanta native Kilo has been producing music for some of the best and well-known artists in the music industry. Creating hits for artists like Rae Sremmurd, Kevin Gates, Money Man, plus many more. He’s maintained a successful career all while studying and attending University. Her Campus CAU had the amazing opportunity to chat with Kilo about his success, his artistry, as well as getting to know more about him. 

HC: So tell me about yourself. How did you get into the music business at such a young age ?

Kilo:  I go by Kilo. I am a young, up and coming music producer from Atlanta. I was born in Atlanta but raised in Thailand since 3 years old. I moved back to Atlanta for High School and College purposes. My friends in HS was listening to Future's Monster mixtape and it inspired me to be a rapper. I always had a music background, my mom paid for my  piano lessons from over 10 years but it stopped as soon as I moved back to Atlanta with my aunt and my uncle. I realized that rapping just wasn't it but I still wanted to do something with music; music is my passion. I then started producing and fell in love with it. It has been 5 years now since I first started. I gave up midway because I didn't think I would make it in the industry and I was fed up with making $20 a beat and not being able to progress the way I wanted to. During mid-December, I came back making beats again and decided to work smarter than harder and that was when I found Yunglan (my manager, mentor, and brother from another mother). He then slowly taught me a lot of things about the music business. I still have ways more to learn and its only just the beginning.

(Image by @shotbyym via @beatsbykilo with producer Yunglan)

HC: What or who inspired you to become a producer ?

Kilo: I would say Cashmoneyap and a lot of internet producers such as Taz Taylor and The Beat Plug. Back in those internet days, they helped me craft my sound, blending different styles into one.

HC: Is it difficult being a full time student and a working producer?

Kilo: It really is, but if I stepped back and look from afar, it's not that hard. The most important thing is time management which I am not really good at but I do try my best. I work a job at my family's restaurant, go to school and work on music. If I can do it, you can too! 

HC: Who was the first artist you ever produced for? Describe how you felt hearing your music played everywhere for the first time.

Kilo: My first biggest placement would be RaeSremmurd, which I produced on their latest album "Sr3mm". It was just a crazy feeling, I was really excited, but more excited about the many more blessings to come in the future.

(Kilo with the rap duo RaeSremmurd)

HC: What’s your creative process like when you’re trying to make your music?

Kilo: The vibe has to be right, its all about the vibe and it can come from the color of the lights or things around your room. With my beats, it really describes how I was feeling at the time. I would be likely to make a twerk type beat if I see jewelry on my table or money on my table at the time. Or maybe if I'm going through certain things such as a bad break up or what not. The beat will be a sad R&B Beat. All about the vibes.

HC: What kind of music do you make? Who do you envision listening to it?

KiloI mostly make Trap, R&B, Trap Soul and DanceHall and I am getting into Pop and Future Bass more. Depending on different types of beats I make, I just imagine what artists would be a good fit on the beats.

HC: How do you stay motivated on the days that seem to be less productive than most? 

KiloI really do just take a break and clear my mind. Its just like cleaning a messy house and not knowing where to start. But if u go and clean room by room, little by little things will get done. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture, I fall back a prioritize important things to do first and the day will be productive. 

HC: Do people ask you why you’re still in college if you’re doing what you love and making money from it already? What’s your response?

Kilo: People do ask and my response will always be "it's a blessing".

HC: I know you’ve created music for some pretty big names in the industry already, who are some people you’d like to work with in the future?

KiloI would love to work with Cardi B, Drake, Chris Brown and more!

HC :  Is there anything that I didn’t ask that you’d like to mention?

Kilo: Big thanks to my family, Yunglan and my supportive friends! Wouldn't be here without them. Love All.


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