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Get Out? More Like GTFOH

2017 was an amazing year for cinema and 2018 has had some stellar bodies of work as well. Deadpool gave us blazing action coupled by gut wrenching comedy to boot while War for the Planet of the Apes showed just how primitive our way of thinking can and how we might be able to learn something from the animals around us. But as we all know, there was one movie that stopped the world and commanded that we all give it the attention that it deserves.

In February of 2017, Jordan Peele put the world on standby as he made his cinema debut as a director and displayed his seat gripping horror thriller, Get Out. The film has a way of telling its (black) audience that just because you’re invited doesn’t mean you’re welcomed. With it’s flawless acting from all its actors, including it’s breakout star, Daniel Kaluuya, the polarizing nature coupled with splashes of racism and colorism (both blatant and subtle), a dash of sci-fi, and the onslaught of shell shocking moments, took its captives by storm by way of the Coagula as it forced America to talk about it and the bigger picture it painted in unison. It found it’s way into the heart of black people and spot in the culture. 

But yet somehow the movie has managed to be overlooked by a group of people in power who’d rather not even begin to deal with the racial undertones it emits because its just they don’t really feel like it. And to that I say, GTFOH. If you don’t know that that means, Google is free. As I’m typing this, I already know how badly this gem is going to be overlooked tonight (Sunday) in best picture when we clearly all know giant mark that it left on all of us when Rose wouldn’t give us the keys; as it seems like some of these critics are stuck in the Armitage’s house. The Sunken Place is fictional location for the most part and the unlucky souls that happen to get stuck in it seemingly have no way of getting out. Even so in the real world whoever these old (white) critics and voters are give the impression that are in fact sunk and not by someone else’s doing, but by their own comfortability.


This is nothing but another example of the Oscars being overly white. Meaning that those who hold anonymous spots in power that are culturally wrapped in the blankets of “caucasity” as they are just so comfortable in their sheltered mentality and don’t have the backbone to step out of the comfort zone of their opinionated way of viewing things. They might not personally like it in the long run or maybe even at all. But that does not deny the fact that they should no longer be able to deny skill, artistry, and just how damn good we are. Tonight (Sunday), a black man will get cheated out of best picture. Get Out was one of the greatest movies of the modern era and that is not up for debate. Get Out not only deserves the keys to the house, but the keys to the industry, the keys to America, the keys to the Batmoblie, the keys to wherever they hide all the academy awards that Jordan Peele & his cast so rightfully deserves. And if you feel some type of why about that I have but one thing to say to you: GTFOH.

A sophomore english major attending Morehouse College from Bronx, New York
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