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Elisha Harris, Junior Class President

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Name: Elisha Harris

Hometown: Lawton, Oklahoma

Major: Business

Classification: Junior

IG: _ejharris

Twitter: E_harris109

Zodiac Sign: Leo

What are some ways you express yourself? I like to get involved and make an impact on campus. Being able to use my influence to help others and make their CAU experience better.

What celebrity would you love to spend the day with and why? Wale, I think he’s very inspirational and I can relate to him through his music and his impact on the industry. I also just like his style too. I’ve been following him from the beginning and my favorite album is Ambition, that album wasn’t in the beginning but I really connected to that album. It got me through my earlier years when I was in middle school.

Pick 3 words that describe your personality? Unpredictable, courageous and ambitious.

How would you describe your style? It depends on the day. If I have to be professional, then I dress professionally. If I want to relax and wear something calm I can do that also and wear some tennis shoes. I definitely do like dressing up but it’s not like a must.

What makes you feel at peace? And why? God makes me feel at peace. I’m a people’s person but at the end of the day, God is always there to comfort me and confide in Him.

What celebrity most represents you? Spike Lee, because he comes from the ground we come from. And he used what he was passionate about and made it big. He took his experiences and took it mainstream, making it something impactful and that’s something I want to do. I want to go out in the communities and help people learn about HBCUS and our culture. Make it mainstream and bring people to this community. I know without my HBCU experience, I wouldn’t be the man I am today or the man I would become.

Why CAU? I use to work with this girl at the radio station as a board opp (operator), and she actually went to CAU at the time. She showed me videos and that’s how I became introduced to CAU…through Youtube. I was already accepted and everything by the time I came to visit, so I knew I was going to CAU. I felt like CAU was the place to be. I felt accepted, I felt wanted, like I fit into the culture of CAU. So I felt like it was the place, it was simple.

Tell me about your biggest achievement. That’s a hard question because I feel like I would never ever reach my biggest achievement but thus far it would definitely be becoming Junior Class President. I feel like it’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time as far as a leadership role standpoint. I kinda stepped out on faith and listened to God.

Why did you want to become junior class president? I felt the void, I felt like I had the ideas and mindset on how I wanted to see the next year go and I felt like I was the perfect person for this time and be that influence to take the class to the next level. That’s why I call it, New Level 18, so just taking our class to the next level and continuously every day making a new step because you can do something good one day but people want to see what’s next. You’re only good as your last at-bat. So keep making an impact and making the class better and hopefully it extends to other classes and then the CAU administration, and then the community – that’s my goal.

What’s the American Dream mean to you? It’s doing what you want to do, like whatever your heart wants to do. Whatever is your passion. That’s why people come to America, they get the freedom to do what they want. And I don’t see it as the typical big house, family, and money because I feel like everybody has a different definition of what it means to be happy or successful. Some people want to be rich and famous and some people just wanna have a family. Some want to have just a wife or just kids, so it depends on what you feel like is your American Dream. My American Dream is to make an impact. And to be an example for my family, my sisters and brothers, and my future wife and kids. When I’m gone I want people to be like his last name meant something or his name meant something. So to make an impact and it’s not about me, I want to make sure people know that and definitely in life in general, nothing in life is about you. It’s about the people you impact because if you’re only into something that’s about you, what you have is nothing.

Thank you, Elisha, for allowing Her Campus CAU to interview you!


Brie Black is a sophomore at Georgia State University, majoring in Journalism. Coming from Farmington Hills, MI, Brie enjoys a good book, spoken word, working out and studying God's word. Nothing can stop Brie from reaching her goals, her ambition and strong relationship with God keeps her willing to create the best content for her readers and make it as an editor-in-chief of her future magazine line. Along with being a writer and blogger, Brie is apart of Pretty Girls Sweat and Pinky Promise. You can keep up with Brie on all social media platforms @allthingsbrie and LinkedIn.