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The Designated BOTG

“You’re probably going to need a fake.”

“You should put on some more makeup. You know, so you can look a little older.”

If, you’ve hear these phrases before, then congratulations, you are officially the designate “BOTG,” the designated baby of the group. Phrases like this, and other instances seem to constantly remind you that you are, and forever will be “the baby of the group.” Like when all of your friends are having their twenty-first birthday parties and you’re just turning nineteen, or after days of deliberation, your group finally picks a move or Saturday, you all get dolled up, get to the venue, and the bouncer politely screams to the long list of party goes “Have your IDs out and ready., and once again, your “baby status” is thrown right back in your face.

Every “baby of the group” knows the feeling: the feeling of being old but not old enough.

I know Pretty Ricky said, “Age ain’t nothing but a number,” but the way you see it, you probably can’t really take his word for face value. 

Being the youngest has many pros such as being in the perfect position to receive advice from the older, and sometimes more experienced, te same advice that your mom gives, but it usually falls on deaf ears simply because it came from her; or, still being able to indulge, such as in drinking, with the “big kids” before it is your own time. But probably the biggest pro to being the youngest of your group, the fact that they have already been through almost everything you are currently going through so their judgment of your decisions and actions are kept at a minimal, in comparison to those your age who have not ye experienced the (sometimes) self-inflicted struggles of life. As the youngest, your older more experienced group of friends will also take special precautions to make sure that you are well. Afterall, they probably already accepted you as the little brother or sister\, whether you like it or not.

No matter the pros or cons of being te baby of the group, the experiences, struggles and victories, are what make the experience of being youthful worthwhile, especially in college. So, whatever you do, don’t grow up too fast,  (no cliche intended). 



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