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As someone who has embarked upon the natural hair journey, I have found it difficult to find a brand of products that is truly made for my hair. Naturally, I started with all of the big name brands (also the most expensive), such as Shea Moisture, Carols Daughter and Cantu. But I have found these to be too heavy or too creamy for my hair. Some of these products have even dried my curls and caused them to frizz. Being that I felt like these were the only products available for my hair, I continued to use them even though my curls were not necessarily happy with them. I went through months of trying to figure out what products would work best for me and none of them were working in the way I needed them to. It was frustrating because all of these products were made specifically for natural kinks and I did not understand why they were weighing my curls down so much. After months of my sad looking curls, I finally discovered one of the most amazing products for my hair: Aussie.

So, do you remember those commercials you would see with the purple kangaroo hopping around, trying to save the girls with damaged, dry hair? That is the phenomenal Aussie.  

Aussie has been saving dry hair since 1979, and it was created by Tom Redmond, an American beauty product sales representative with an Australian chemist. They experimented with the land’s plants and came up with ultimate moisturizing formulas. In the 80’s, they came out with products like “Aussie Mega Shampoo” and “Aussie Hair Salad” which utilized fruits and vegetables to give volume to fine and thinning hair. In 1990, Aussie came out with their very first samples of leave-in-conditioner and not too long after, they have created bottles of the miracle product (which is what I use to keep my hair happy).  Aussie strays away from using harsh and damaging chemicals and this is what allows our locs to flourish. Aussie continues to extract goods from the native plants of Australia and my hair loves it. Recently, Aussie launched a product that is specifically made for curly hair, “Miracle Curls.” Included in this launch are: a co-wash, a deep-conditioner, shampoo and conditioner, a hair mask and a hair pudding. Considering that their products that were not necessarily made for curly hair are already doing an amazing job I would not be surprised if these products do just as well.


However, take note that this product will not work for every hair type! Just like any other product, it has its flaws and will not heal your hair from years of damage in just one use. This product might not be as effective for someone who has oily hair because most of the products focus on moisturizing and quenching curls. I can’t use every product from Aussie because it just does not work for my texture. But that does not take away from the overall success of the company. With that being said, shout out to Tom for continuing to make bangin’ products!

Photo Credit: Aussie

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