Clark Atlanta University's 2017-2018 Miss Freshman: Kelsey Adams

HerCampus CAU had the amazing opportunity to sit down with our very own Miss Freshman, Kelsey Adams. She is a Mass Media Major from Memphis, Tennessee at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Kelsey is the 2017-2018 Miss Freshman, and we got a chance to chat about coming up with her campaign T.R.A.P., her life plans and her freshman year experience while balancing her crown. 

HerCampus CAU: You’re from Memphis, Tennessee, right? How did you choose Clark Atlanta University for college?

Kelsey: I always knew that I wanted to go here. It’s a big city. I am a Mass Media Arts Major and this city and college was the place for me to network and grow. I knew that coming here would give me lots of opportunity for jobs. Also, I visited the school before I got here and I felt like this was my home. I toured the school during homecoming week. It a lot going on, but it was amazing.


HerCampus CAU: As a Mass Media Arts major, where do you see yourself in 5 years? What’s your dream job?

Kelsey:  I want to be a TV Personality.  But, I don’t know. I am looking at all of my options. I want to do it all. Journalism is a big field, so I want to do it all if can.  


HerCampus CAU: What made you want to run for the position of Miss Freshman 2017-2018?

Kelsey:  I wanted to run for Miss Freshman before I even got to college. I talked to the previous Miss Freshman of 2016-2017, Amani Southerland, over the summer and prepared myself. She gave me all the ins and outs of the position. I prepared myself in high school by taking leadership positions in my school’s SGA. So, when I came to school I knew I wanted to run and set myself apart.


HerCampus CAU: What was your campaign when you ran for Miss Freshman and your main goals for the school year?

Kelsey: My campaign slogan was T.R.A.P. That stands for Take Risks and Prosper. My goals were to mainly get my class involved as the incoming class here at CAU. I wanted to create opportunities so that we could grow more as a family; which I am still working on. We will get there soon.


HerCampus CAU: How did you come up with the idea of T.R.A.P for your campaign?

Kelsey: They was all collective ideas. When you are learning how to be great, I have learned that you don’t come up with things alone. You need people around you to help. There were a lot of people around me that helped me create my platform and I appreciate them so much. I thought of the idea, but as a group we built off of it. We took the word TRAP, which is usually negative, and made it impactful for the community and my class. I love it!


HerCampus CAU:  Since your platform is T.R.A.P. , what are your top 3 Rap or TRAP songs right now?

Kelsey:  Migos- "Walk It Like I Talk It", Drake- "God's Plan", and since I am from Memphis I love Blockboy JB’s song "Rover" too. I have to represent my city, 901.


HerCampus CAU: What’s your best memory in college so far?

Kelsey: My best memory in college so far is coronation night, when we were about to go on stage to do our dance. We were so afraid. We were praying and so stressed out. We had these umbrellas that went with the song and we did not want to mess up. Plus, our dance coach was very strict. But, it was the best because it went well.


HerCampus CAU: What is your favorite food?

Kelsey: I really love seafood. But I can eat anything, really.


HerCampus CAU: What are some things that you can say becoming Miss Freshman taught you, personally?

Kelsey: Since becoming Miss Freshman, I have learned how to take time for myself and network with others properly. Overall, I have grown so much as a person in this position. I have learned how to work with others and that even when I am not in the mood I have to “find a way or make one.” Personally, becoming Miss Freshman has helped me grow to be better in every aspect.

HerCampus CAU: Do you have any upcoming events that you want to shout out for the Freshman Class to be on the lookout for?

Kelsey: My community service event with a local elementary school is coming up very soon. We will be able to tutor the kids and hopefully build a connection with them that will be long term. It will be in the next 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for the interview, Kelsey! If you're interested in participating in the upcoming community service event, hosted by our Miss Freshman, visit the CAU Royal Court Instagram page: @cauroyalcourt. Also, check out Kelsey's personal Instagram page: @_xokelseyj

Photo Credit: Kelsey Adams