Clark Atlanta Student Rylton Thomas is a fashion Icon and Business Mogul In the Making

Rylton Thomas is a fashion-forward and business-driven student at Clark Atlanta University. Her Campus had the opportunity to speak with Rylton, finding out where his love for fashion came from as well as his future business endeavors

 HC: How did you know Clark Atlanta was the right school for you? 

Rylton: Honestly, Atlanta has been my favorite city ever since I was 13. When I was going through the college application process I forgot I applied to CAU until the day I received my acceptance letter. I never visited, searched, or even knew any history about CAU. After attending my allotted NSO I immediately fell in love and I knew that CAU was the right school for me simply because of the connection between student leaders, staff, faculty, and the student body.

HC: What is your major and where are you from? 

Rylton: I am currently studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management, hailing from the DMV.

HC: How did you discover your love for fashion? 

Rylton: My love for fashion derived from my mother. Growing up, it was mandatory for everyone in the house to dress up regardless of our destination. My mom instilled a strong sense of fashion in me at the age of 3 when she signed me up to start modeling for a baby food company. At the later ages, I started experimenting based off of my creative mind and celebrity inspiration. I discovered my true love for fashion my freshman year in high school when I no longer wore uniform for school.

HC: You have your very own individual style, and with Atlanta being one of the most fashionable cities, where do you draw inspiration from for your looks? 

Rylton: My looks come from hours and hours’ worth of brainstorming, searching up color palettes and just a desire for being risky. I often times get my inspiration from runway shows, celebrities, and social media.

HC: Do you use your large social media following as a way to make the connections within the fashion industry?

Rylton: Yes! Being that my social media blew up a few years ago, I used Instagram as a platform to expand my brand and connect with certain people in the fashion industry to gain knowledge and experience. With social media it’s very easy to find what you love to do.

HC: What is your dream job? 

Rylton: My dream job would have to be a high fashion model, modelling for brands such as Phillip Plein, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, and much more fashion moguls that have been in the industry for decades. My 2nd dream job is to be a Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 500 fashion company changing the depiction of African American males in the industry.

HC: Any advice to anyone looking to get into the fashion industry? 

Rylton: My advice to anyone looking to get involved in the fashion industry would be to study your craft and never be afraid to be you. What people say about you doesn’t define who you are. So don’t be afraid to do the impossible. A lot of times I find myself in outfits that are often controversial but I find a way to let each outfit build my character. Fashion is a way to say who are you without having to speak.



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