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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

As a part of Springfest, an end of the year celebration for the students, Clark Atlanta University hosted a meet and greet for the Cast and Director of The Intruder. Clark Atlanta is known for star studded events around the AUC.

Monday, April 22nd, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy, and the director Deion Taylor. This event was high energy and full of excitement for the students, staff and the participants. Sponsored but Hot 97, the event started off with a lip sync battle among students for concert tickets.

Deion Taylor made sure to let’s students know that he was an audience driven director. He believes that this aspect sets him apart from other directors and allows him to make movies that offer viewers a unique moviegoing experience. He encouraged students never take no for an answer, much like the CAU motto, “Find a way or make one.”

Deion Taylor

Megan Good and Michael Ealy, encouraged students to keep pursuing their dreams and breaking glass ceilings within whatever industry they choose. As this is Megan Good’s second time visiting Clark Atlanta, she reiterated the importance of God in her success and how it’s important to remain in constant communication with God in order reach the levels that she has.

Michael Ealy had all of the ladies attention, per usual. It was apparent he was elated to be in front of Clark Atlanta students and faculty. Ealy told students that rejection is a part of this business, and to allow to build you up instead of tear you down. What is meant for you, will be for you.

The entire crowd was brimming with anticipation of the movie, The Intruder. Taylor assured the audience this horror film was not like others, to expect some twists and turns in this movie.

Ealy and Good’s characters are two newlyweds that are polar opposites. Good’s character is beautiful, optimistic, young woman full of charisma. She likes to see the best in people, which will later be to a fault. While her husband, Ealy’s character, is a nerdy, skeptical young man, who exercises a lot of caution. These two characters will have to escape the intruder in their brand new home.

Clark Atlanta presented artistic excellence award to Ealy, Good, and Taylor. These awards were presented by SGA Treasurer, Chief of Staff and Secretary. The excitement was written all over their faces, from the students and the industry professionals!

The trio ended the appearance by handing out cupcakes to Clark Atlanta Students on the promenade. The line stretched down the promenade as students lined up to get a picture and a cupcake with the stars of the highly anticipated film.

This event left students of all majors and backgrounds inspired to go for their dreams and not take no for an answer. I hope that this event not only left people inspired but motivated to take action towards their wildest dreams, much like Taylor, Good and Ealy.

The intruder comes out May 3rd, 2019 in select theaters across the nation. Support out black filmmakers!



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