Can Exes Truly Be Friends?

As a junior at Clark Atlanta University, this is a question I still have difficulty confirming based on my personal experiences, as well as the experiences I’ve seen my friends go through. In my personal opinion, exes can’t truly be best friends after a breakup, especially if the relationship was long. In a few points, here is why I believe that .

1.    Sexual Attraction

 Now I was going to put this point last, but let's just get it over with. The tension you had with someone you loved or with someone you were with for a long time will most likely never leave. Except in the case where your ex-became increasingly more unattractive after your break up. I’ve had a lot of guys inform me that their exes became more beautiful after a breakup, while most girls tell me their exes got uglier (stunt on him sis). 

2.    Pettiness

 I can personally attest to the case of a petty ex-boyfriend. You try to have a regular conversation and all of sudden they’re referencing the fact you never gave back their shirt, card, camera, SD cards ...anything they can come up with.

3.    The ex that wants to consistently remind you that you messed up even though y'all are supposed to be just friends

No lie, I’ve fallen victim to doing this, but it’s not like I was lying though so whatever.

4.    The “anything you can do I can do better” face a**

This is when you’re friends with your ex and they consistently try to throw in your face just how much better their life is since the breakup. Why can't you just prosper without attempting to make me jealous? 

5.    Love

This is a simple explanation if you were really in love with someone, how could you go back to the days where the most you sent to each other was “hey, why, wassup”. 

6.    False Hope

If you break up with someone and one person still hasn't fully let go of the past, it’s almost like you’re leading them on to thinking they will get a chance (when you know you’re never going to give them one again).

7.    My final and most irritating point that is similar to number four, personal lives

You can’t ever go into detail with an ex about your current situations because it’s very awkward to tell the guy you were just with for a year that you slept with ole’ dude in the dorm next to his (this is gonna hit home with someone lol)

Although I am simply one person, with this personal viewpoint of being exes, that doesn't mean this will apply to everyone. I have exes I feel I can have full blown conversations with, while I also have exes that I can’t be cool with because of the above reasons, however, I’d love to hear your take on my list! Comment below what your opinion on this is. –Signed TMC.