A Broken-hearted Playlist

Break-ups are one of few things that men and women can agree make them feel like crap! Your heart seems broken, emotions are running wild, and all you can think about is what went wrong. Ironically, the same love songs that make your heart skip a beat are the ones that will bandage the pain your heart bleeds. A broken heart is hard to repair, so the best thing to do is let it run its course.Here’s a list of our favorite songs that get us  in the mood for a nice cry. Grab your favorite blanket, cuddle up in bed with a bowl of ice cream and pour your heart out to our recommended playlist of breakup, “no makeup in sight”, songs.

1. Chris Brown: KAE. Chris Brown has plenty of great songs, but we chose KAE as the #1 song from the Royalty album. This song is about the messy ending of the Chrae (Karrueche and Chris) relationship. Oh how much we loved their rocky relationship!

2. Tamia: Officially Missing You. Tamia’s soft spoken voice is heard pouring her heart out about the love of her life leaving and finally accepting the fact that he’s gone. He isn’t calling and she feels like she’s “officially” lost him. This song will definitely have the tears rolling.

3. Bruno Mars: When I Was Your Man. Wow, Bruno this is a true breakup classic. Imagine riding down the street, on a rainy day, screaming “I SHOULD'VE BOUGHT YOU FLOWERS!” Bruno wishes the best for his ex- girlfriend in this regretful classic.

4. Toni Braxton: Un-Break My Heart. Make sure you hit replay on this one. Toni’s voice will have you sitting on the edge of your bed holding that teddy bear that “he/she” got you, singing like you’re in a 90’s music video. This isn’t a song for the weak, we promise.

5. Sam Smith: Drowning Shadows. This could possibly be the saddest song on the list. It’s kind of a gloomy, lonely song, but its sung with so much passion.

6. Rihanna: Close To You. This is a true heartbroken love song. She begins the song with “Nothing but a tear, that’s all for breakfast.” Though it may be dramatic, it could be true for a lot of people. It’s hard for people to continue doing everyday activities without the one they love. Rihanna hopes her lover hears her message and gets back to her. The piano playing in the background is so personal and intimate.

7. Jasmine Sullivan: Resentment. We hate to say it, but we prefer Jasmine’s version of Resentment over Bey’s (Please don't sting me Beyhive). This song has so much heart and soul that we had to include it on this list.

8. Beyonce: Best Thing I Never Had. Beyoncé is the queen of all things, including love songs and not so love songs. This song is about dodging the bullet of a guy who she once dated. This song will give you hope for the future.

9. Leona Lewis: Better In Time. We want to end this list on a positive note with this song. Though it seems like this heartbreak is going to last a lifetime, it won’t. You'll find another lover in the future and you’ll be fine. Try to focus on the positive things in life, treat yourself and move on.

Please remember that you are loved and you will be fine without that guy/girl who broke your heart that one year in college. Give yourself the time to heal and remember, self-love is the best love.