The Blossom Effect: Miss Sophomore

Paige Tailyn Johnson is down to earth and full of inspiration. With her grace, it is evident why she is Clark Atlanta University’s Miss Sophomore for the 2017- 2018 academic year. This queen sat down with Her Campus CAU to talk about her platform and offer some of her wisdom!


HC: What’s your favorite color?

PJ: Green

HC: Who’s someone you’re inspired by and why?

PJ: My grandma because she inspired my whole platform, Blossom, when she passed in April 2016.

HC: Name a quote that you live by.

PJ: So, the quote I live by is drink more water, seek more truth. It just resembles being purified and making sure everything you’re taking in is pure and the truth. Just live life and seek more truth, that’s essential.

HC: What is your favorite movie?

PJ: Lucy

HC: What has been the most memorable moment for you at CAU?

PJ: Olive Branch, my freshman year.

HC: What inspired you to want to be Miss Sophomore?

PJ: So, last year, I was an intern for the Royal Court as their videographer. I didn’t really know what the Royal Court was when I applied, I just felt like I needed to do something since I’m a Mass Media Arts major. So I applied and I was working with them and seeing what they did and how they did certain things. I was like, “Wow, I think I could do this.” So I just went for it!

HC: Running for any position is a process with campaigning and everything. What did that process teach you?

PJ: It taught me a lot of patience. It taught me a lot of diligence. And it taught me how to filter what I say because when you’re talking to people there’s certain things you can’t say because they might flip it in a second.

HC: So, you’re platform is Blossom. What is the significance of that?

PJ: So my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She came to live with my family and we took care of her, but it just got worse for her. Eventually, it was all throughout her body and she passed away in April of 2016. After she died I felt like I needed a piece of her with me, so I just decided to get a tattoo. So, I ended up just getting a flower and I really didn’t know why i got it at the time, I just got it anyway. So, when I came to Clark Atlanta and I was working with the royal court, and the past Miss CAU said “Paige you’ve really blossomed.” That’s when everything clicked for me. It felt like my grandmother had set this up for me. My senior year was depressing because I watched my grandma fall apart. Then I came to college and it was like a whole different realm for me. I literally blossomed in a year and that’s what I want other people to do. I want them to realize their potential and feel like they’re blossoming as well.

HC: Speaking of that, what are some tips you can give to someone who may want to implement your platform, Blossom, in their own personal lives?

PJ: First, I would tell them to sit with themselves to realize who they are and what they’re passionate about. Secondly, I would just say be happy. Find positivity in your everyday life because there’s so many negatives that are constantly thrown at you.

HC: You had the Coronation and Coronation Ball during homecoming week recently. How did it feel to be officially crowned at the Coronation?

PJ: Oh it was definitely surreal. I just felt happy. I felt like coming to CAU was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, for sure. Being crowned as a queen and receiving that honor was amazing.

HC: What are your goals as Miss Sophomore for the 2017-2018 school year?

PJ: There’s a lot. So I know our class has a problem with actually participating in campus events, so I’m focusing on bringing them out. They also connect with each other in cliques. I want everyone to step outside of their box and really get to know everyone, so inclusivity. I want them to have a feeling of individuality as well, not just the social aspect. I want them to feel like they know who they are.

HC: What challenges has this position brought you so far?

PJ: I found out that I’m very bossy and I like to have things my way. When you’re with other people,  for me it’s my court sisters, not everything is gonna go your way. You can’t be selfish. You need to be able to compromise. That just comes along with life as well. So learning to balance that selfishness and bossiness has been the biggest lesson for me.

HC: What do you do to stay grounded and focused on your purpose?

PJ: Sometimes, all it takes is for me to just separate myself. One of my favorite activities is to go hiking. I go and sit down by some water and just journal whatever is going on. Sometimes, you really need to dig deep within yourself and that can be scary, Sometimes I don’t feel like doing it. But those things help me help other people. That’s my main goal; to help people.

HC: Besides being a queen, you’re a student, a model,a YouTuber, and you’re really involved on campus. With all that in mind, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

PJ: I’ve recently figured out that I have a passion for traveling. So in the next 5 years I hope to be starting some kind of traveling series on YouTube that people could watch. If you look at it, African Americans don’t travel and that’s essential. I want to be able to travel, get it on video so others can see, and hopefully encourage them to travel.

HC: What advice would you give to the next Miss Sophomore?

PJ: Have patience all around. Have patience with yourself. Have patience with your position because it can be very time consuming. So just have patience all around.