Black Panther Ending ... *SPOILER ALERT*


Black Panther... and friends * A Spoiler Alert*

For those who don't know, I'm a huge fan of both the Marvel Universe and DC Universe. (Marvel is better for superheroes and DC is better for supervillains don't @ me) As some of you know the movie Black Panther was released recently. The booming film made approximately 218 million dollars during its open weekend and is the topic of conversation at every theater. I went to see the film myself, nearly every room in the theater was filled with people dressed up for Black Panther..Women, men and kids alike all popped out for this thing. Black Panther didn't just give us black representation, it gave black people pride and something to stand for. While most people can cosplay (outfits) for Harry Potter, and Twilight...Black folks got Black Panther.

However, being the nerd that I am this article is not about that but the surprise ending that most people did not catch...If you haven't seen the movie...STOP READING HERE.

* spoiler alert *

Everyone knows in the Marvel universe, the list of the films that have endings that tell you if there will either be another a movie or a random fact for comic fans to enjoy is endless... Black Panther provides both.

The first spoiler shows that T'Challa (The Black Panther) along with other main characters like his sister and wife to be, have gone to the United States (Oakland, California) to open an American consulate. This phrase stood out in my mind, while king  T'Challa was presenting, a colonizer (aka white folk) asked him " what can a community of farmers give to us?", followed by utter smiles from the main cast. This small piece hints that there is going to be a movie showcasing what Wakanda (located in Africa) will be giving to the public and how they will help. Since Wakanda is known for hiding their fortunes with the world and not causing war, it will be interesting to see what happens next...WAKANDA FOREVER.

Now here comes the best comic book and Marvel fan spoiler. As the entire list of credits rolls by in the film, many people began to get up and leave but real fans know... You always wait to the end.


At the end we see a bunch of kids staring and laughing at someone, followed by said person waking up and the kids running off. Princess Shuri stands by watching the water, followed by a one-armed white man who they called "White Wolf". This is very exciting and unexpected twist since in the comics White Wolf is a man whose parents attempted to fly into Wakanda and were killed leaving their baby boy orphaned. The Wakandans took him in and he was respected but people outcasted him. White Wolf had amazing pride and love for Wakanda but realized with T'Challa's birth he would never be king. It will be amazing and interesting to see what direction the director takes his presence.

That's all, for now, folks if you haven't seen the movie ...My bad. (I told you to stop reading)

Ps; The movie fye, dress up with your friends, parents, pop out...Cross your arms, grab your Togo plates and play swag surf at the benediction.