Black Businesses Come to CAU


     This past Wednesday, Clark Atlanta University’s Pre-Alumni Council had the pleasure of bringing black-owned businesses to campus.

Ranging from banks to hair companies and even designers, CAU gave students a  taste of what successful black entrepreneurs are doing in our community and beyond. This showcase was the hub for many known and fresh vendors, who were ready to sell their goods. A list of those in attendance are below:

-Pretty Girls Sweat

-Chosen Co.

-Swanky D’s

-Gisele’s Virgin Hair

     I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with CAU’s business school student, Viola, a junior Business Management major who recently launched her jewelry and accessory line called Chosen. She came up with the company back in July when she was thinking about how collegiates love clothes as a look, but forget to have accessories that give it that “mmph” to an outfit. Fast forward to October, she bought a choker from Forever21 and it broke, she put it back together and realized that making chokers should be a business. Chosen is designed for the perfect woman who wants that essential item added to her outfit. Viola is launching her website along with her company on March 1st and is the next stages of getting a team to work with her for promotional and branding support. She is one of many entrepreneurs on campus I hope to become one day.

                                                                                                                                   Gisele's Virgin Hair Co.

       Bringing black-owned businesses to CAU is great exposure because there are a lot of people on campus who desire to have their own companies. This fair brought future leaders of the world to look beyond the obstacles and actually put a plan into action. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs, do not doubt yourself about your purpose. God has created you to do that specific task, while here on Earth. If you have an idea you’re passionate about, go for it and take all the risks and use them as learning lessons along the way. In the end, you will be grateful that you did it.